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Survivor: Micronesia


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Jonny Fairplay.... so not a favorite.


My sentiments exactly. I cannot stand him. I laughed when I saw Danny Bonaduce knock his teeth out.


What??? His telling them his Grandmother died was the most awesome stunt anyone has ever pulled.

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I am fine with the grandmother thing, I actually thought it was pretty smart. I have no problem with people lying or back stabbing to get themselves further. Just about everyone does it (or rides on others coattails) and don't like the better than though attitude of people on the jury about lying etc.


It was Johny Fairplay's personality that just annoyed the hell out of me.

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^ & ^^


Totally agree. It's one thing to play the game, and the Grandmother thing was a perfect play. It's another thing to be a complete ass on and off the show!


I've never been a big Bonaduce fan, but damn, that stunt he pulled did it for me!

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He lied brilliantly with the grandmother lie.


But his personality starting turning into in-your-face scariness, IMhO. Probst didn't like the way he was acting, on the reunion show, I remember, too. And he's with wrestling, now???




Will be interesting to see how long he lasts, this time 'round.

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  • 2 weeks later...

^ I was so glad to see how long he lasted.

He is far too full of himself. It's really not attractive nor is it fun to watch.



Where the hell was Cirie during the whole vote maneuvering?

I was shocked that Jeffy Probst didn't drool all over Ozzy more.

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I am in the minority, but I think Fairplay is interesting to watch on Survivor. I was not happy to see him bow out right away. The season should be a good watch, but with Fairplay gone, its not going to be as good. And I don't like how the fav's already have their 2 clicks already.


O well, I'm sure I'll be tuning in each week still.

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Actually, with all the stuff in the promos for this new version, I was sort of shocked and (ONLY a bit) sad to see Fairplay get voted out, right off.


But, as he kept letting everybody know, he and his gf have (had? guess she's born by now, lol) a baby on the way and that can make one/him think of more important things than just "the game" etc.


Especially in those first days being away from her and the to-be-born daughter. He probably didn't count on having an emotional upheaval so soon, once he got to the islands.


Who knows? He wanted to leave and they gave it to him.


And on we go...


(EDIT: The fans however, Kicked Butt in that first challenge!)

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I think it was interesting that the guy the got everyone to vote for Mary didn't vote for her himself.


I was actually glad that the Fave's won, the whole we are better than you because we are younger way the team split really irked me.

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I think Joel put himself in a position, where he could easily, truthfully say, "it wasn't me who voted for Mary," and divert immediate blame.


But - he got the numbers somehow to pull that one off.


I think the split up was bad too, but it seemed to clear up (a bit) once they got the fire going, and food for everybody. Although it was still brought up at council...


Who knows? They may have made amends by next episode.


Another week, another "three days".

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