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How many ways can you kill a snowman?


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Ok, I'm getting bored this winter, and a couple of days ago I was watching America's Funniest Home Videos, and there was a contest to videotape ways to destroy a snowman (there were Shotguns, explosives, sledding, etc.)


So, for my next set of videos for 2008, I have a few ideas of my own: (The song will be Maxwell Silver Hammer by The Beatles)




Please give me some ideas! I need to have as many as possible! Anyway, here are my ideas:


1: Snow Blower

2: Karate (I'm going to be a Blue Belt soon)

3: "Infestational Parasite" (Someone is going to build a snowman around me and I will bust out of it.)

4: Belly Flop from Ladder

5: "Kamikaze Watermelon" (Jump headfirst into it)

6: Another Snow Man (Once again, build a snowman around me, but my arms are free, and I swing a shovel at the snowman in front of me.)

7: "Stoning" (Simply throwing snowballs at it, or ice)

8: Lodge Icicles into it somehow.

9: Super Soaker with hot water and red food coloring (food coloring idea by RCoasterny)

10: Hand Saw

11: Bow and Arrow, if my next door Neighbor will use it (it's his - but if it goes through 190 lb deer, I think it can go through snow)

12: "Foot pump powered" rocket launcher.

13: Sit on it

14: K'nex Coaster Gun Firing Squad (Two Rippin' Rocket Boosters per gun, and use a car as the bullet)

15: Tie rope around neck, and the other end to a car. (upside down.)

16: Throw a boot at it. (Idea inspired from TheRapidsNerd.)

17: Golf Method (TheRapidsNerd.)

18: Dog attack (downunder.)

19: Suicide (downunder's "self collapsing snowman" idea)

20: Throw knives at it (from Disney Dood's throwing Razors - I don't have Razors.)

21 My toy Lightsaber I got when I was 6 years old - and I still have it almost 9 years later.

22: Cannibalism (taken from RAWKIN_coaster38's "Chocolate Syrup idea".)

23: Water Hose on "Jet" Mode (high pressure) (Idea taken from raptorcrew2002's "Frozen Football Tackle Idea".)

24: Snowboard into it.

25: Sled Crash into it.


So, if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE say so! (No guns, as this will be done in either my front or back yard, and I live in the suburbs, and no Bottle Rockets or other similar explosives that people use on the Fourth of July as they are illegal in New York State.)

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Blow dryer.


A bunch of people dressed as zombies attacking it and tearing it to pieces.


Dog attack, maybe put a piece of meat inside it.


Make the snowman so it can collapse on cue by itself and use that for a funny set up.


Someone on a broom like Harry potter crash landing into it.

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Strongly recommend you read the "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip. All the wild snowmen he makes is frickin hilarious and should give you a few ideas. (One of my favorites is a snowman on the ground with an ice cream scoop in the back and holes missing, and other snowman walking away with a snowcone in its hands.)




And BeemerBoy, "C-4" is my line!

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10 cases of vault, and see how long it takes to piss on him to death… (Might want to time lapse that one)


Stick artillery shells (fire works) in each sphere with the wicks all chained to together, fill in the holes with packed snow, light it and run…


Take a model rocket kit with a large engine and build the snow man around and on top of it, then use electrical ignition to light it, and again run like hell it could shoot out anywhere!!!!


***Spray it with a garden hose on it on a VERY cold night and get a drunk football player friend to tackle it.. ha..

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Find a dog who likes to chase snowballs (like they do with tennis balls), throw the ball in the direction of the snowman, and the dog will jump on the snowman and demolish it. I have seen this happen and it's great!



EDIT: Calvin and Hobbes returned some great results!





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1. Vekoma

2. play country music and somehow make it collapse without being shown.

3. guitar smash (GH controller if saving money, crappy first act for a touch of realism)

4. put a bunch of matches on it's head.

5. spray paint a red X on it's chest, then show it getting smashed by a battering ram (or similar household object.)


I DEMAND you post the video of these ideas.

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