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Six Flags Indiana Adventures

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Thanks guys!


Ghost, I guess you could call it a hybrid, because this is what the drop looks like...




I didn't plan on it being one, but now that I look at the picture, the drops look EXACTLY alike...



(I'm trying to decide whether to post the update now or wait until tomorrow...)

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I took the AcBarr helicopter over the park this morning to see what was going on with the new coaster. And to my surprise, Plummet was finished!

Here are some pictures I got of the ride...


Plummet's station.


The 1st (of two) lift hill and bunny hop.


Here is an adventure building that holds a hidden element!


Turn out of the station to the first lift.


"Looks pretty mediocre," is probably what your thinking. "Why is it a Dive Machine?" Well, this is why...

Not THAT is a drop!


And last but not least, an overview of the entire coaster!



Tell me what you think about Plummet.

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Plummet... The Drop... WOOOW!looks intesnse, in a good way. 2 things I really dont care for, I think the station should have a lil more detail to it, and I really dont care for those big rooks, either some trees or some other types of rocks, do u have the rocks that I used tfpr Villagers Plunge. Other that those couple of things, everything look great.

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^No, but I would love link to those rocks on AP!


I was also disappointed with the station, but I am REALLY limited on adventure scenery... if anyone has any sets with lots of cool walls and roofs that would fit in the park I would greatly appreciate it!


A few more comments and the 1998 season is on its way!

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Opening Day, 1998


The waiting is over. It was FINALLY the day to ride Plummet! Now I must say, at first I was afraid that it wasn't worth the hype, but boy was I wrong! The first half is decent, there's some nice floater air on the bunny hop, and the hidden element is very disorienting! But then, there is the drop. THE drop. I am now totally in love with B&M, and that's all I'm going to say...


The park also added to family rides to the park, an aviator ride over water, and a tilt-a-whirl. Onto the photos!


Greenwater Fire Flies is one of the new rides. It has a beautiful setting and is actually quite frightening for a family ride!


The park also redesigned Plummet's station. Comparison:





Cliff Diver was down at the beginning of the day. I believe HUSS was at the park upgrading its program.


Dragonfly, now the 2nd best coaster in the park.


Another view of Greenwater Fire Flies.


Twirling Timbers was the park's other addition this year. I don't understand why they didn't take more time to theme this ride...


Okay, enough of that stuff, I know what you all are wanting! First we have to follow this path...


The first drop on Plummet. Nowhere near as exciting as what is to come...


Which is this! Yes, this is the view you get for a full 5 seconds before dropping 125 feet straight down! AMAZING!


Indiana Adventures: 1998



Have a good spring!

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Tragedy Strikes Indiana Adventures



Tragedy struck hard today at a family amusement park in Greenwood, Indiana. Indiana Adventures is nestled in the countryside, about 20 miles from the outskirts of Indianapolis.


20 park visitors were killed today in a fire involving one of the park's roller coasters, Hideout. The major attraction is an indoor boomerang coaster by Vekoma Inc. The attraction holds 24 riders and is located down in a valley inside a large wooden structure. Witnesses say that a guest waiting in line threw a burning cigarette over the edge of the queue line, where it caught fire to the building.


Eighteen people were on the ride, and over fifty in line. "Most of us managed to escape; others weren't so lucky," stated one survivor. All eighteen riders were trapped and killed by collapsing timbers or exhaustion to heat. Two others near the front of the line were struck by a falling object and could not get up.


"We are very sorry for every victim involved, and feel great sympathy for their friends and family. We will do all we can to help them. The park is taking all responsibilities for the accident, and we only wish that a no smoking policy had been established before this horrific incident occured," said park owner, Mark Campbell.


When asked about the future of the park, Mr. Campbell replied, "All we can do is wait," he stated, "and pray that no one sues."



Aerial view of the catastrophe taking place.



The park will discontinue operation for the remaining days of the month in order to perform further inspections.



-AcBarr Gazette



I hate to say it, but the future doesn't look too bright for Indiana Adventures...

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Indiana Adventures Files Bankruptcy


Indiana Adventures, a family amusement park near Indianapolis has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy today after being sued for $20 million dollars.


The suets came from multiple families that have lost loved ones in a recent accident at the park. On June 6th, a roller coaster caught on fire, killing 20.


The park is unable to pay the large sum of money, and thus filed to 3rd and 5th State Banks within the city limits. Indiana Adventure's owner, Mark Campbell stated, "We did not want to do this, but we have found that it is our only option. We love the park, and send condolences to every person involved with the incident."


The park is up for sale, but if a new owner can not be found by August 1st, liquidation will begin.



I can't believe this is happening; I just can't...

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Indiana Adventures Saved!


Indiana Adventures of Indianapolis, IN was bought out today by a major corporation. Six Flags Inc. has purchased the family amusement park for $50 million dollars.


The park was forced to close for the rest of the 1998 season due to a recent accident at the park involving 20 deaths. The park was $35 million in debt from law suets and loss of profit on Plummet, Indiana Adventure's latest roller coaster addition.


Owner Mark Campbell stated, "We saw this as a great opportunity for the park [and ourselves], so we gladly accepted the offer."


Six Flags Inc. will open the park on April 21, 2000. They have told us to watch for many new additions and park-wide improvements.



-AcBarr Gazette



Of all the companies to buy the park, it had to be Six Flags... oh well. I'm just glad Indiana Adventures will open again! I'll bring you updates!

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Well, as you all know, Six Flags Inc. has recently purchased Indiana Adventures from the Campbell family this fall.


They have promised many additions and improvements, but no details are confirmed. The park won't operate for the '99 season, but instead will make a Re-Grand Opening in 2000.


Here is what's going on at the park right now...



Hideout Deconstruction:


All that's left...


The top part of the building is still standing (mostly). Fire never reached this part.


Most of the track has been removed; it's currently up for sale.



Path Improvements:


The new pavement for the entry was is pretty much completed.


The entrance plaza is all that's been worked on so far. The Campbell family were the ones who promised path improvements, so I'm not sure if Six Flags will continue with it or not...


What do you think?

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^Yeah I know. I felt like there were some pretty good additions last year, but I wanted to make sure I got in the Six Flags buyout before I started our RCT2 pairs competition...


So therefore, bye bye Hideout!

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First let me show you a little bit of what going on at the park...


Indiana Adventures is now Six Flags Indiana Adventures, and with a new name comes a new logo!


The whole entrance plaza has now received its new pavement!


Hideout is all gone. I have heard that SFI is leaving the site as it is for now, but looks out for 2001!


Lots of land has been cleared... but for what?



Okay, now that we've got that covered, I've got some stuff to discuss with you all. Now, we all know that with the Hideout deaths came a HUGE loss in profits and attendance, so if Six Flags plans on gaining that back, they must have something big up their sleeves. I have heard all kinds of things, such as:


-Loony Tunes National Fun Park

-Vekoma Flyer

-Arrow Multilooper

-Intamin Giant Splash Boats


With the accident involving a Vekoma coaster last year, I personally think the park will stay away from the flyer for a while. Oh, and I heard Tennessee Tornado brought in loads of doe last year for Dollywood, so maybe the company is looking to Arrow?


What do you think the park will/should add?

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