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Congrats to our own Oscar Winner!


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It's a shame she will probably never logon to TPR ever again. Still, it's very cool that a "former" member won an Oscar. I haven't seen Juno and probably won't, but she is "one of us" and she made it big in this world! But if somehow you're reading this, Brook, please say hello sometime. We'll never forget you! Imagine how popular a TPR trip would be if you joined one!


Dude, she's still a member. She just spent several months on the whirlwind media trip of a lifetime. If logging into TPR isn't at the top of her list, I think we can forgive her. BTW, the creepy meter just went haywire again.


Yeah, she's apparently a real enthusiast and has been for a while. This hobby tends to stick with you. She'll be back.

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I just stumbled across this topic recently (yes, I am slow!) but wow, I can't believe that Diablo Cody, a member of this site, wrote this film! What a pleasant surprise! I just watched it with some friends for the first time and I loved it. I especially loved Michael Cera's character Bleeker because he reminds me of me sometimes haha. I had no idea what the film was about but I thought it was funny, engaging, and had a marvelous soundtrack. Congratulations for the Oscar nomination!

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^^Awesome interview with Dave...


...Oh and congrats Brooke, I'll be pulling for ya.

I beg your pardon, pulling?...


Indeed what a great interview, what a great woman, tells it like it is - this, to me, is very admirable and I'm the same. I just cannot stand lies and fakeness.


Congratulations, if you read this Brooke. You're a very refreshing person!


Note to self: get famous and have TPR credit...

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Happy Bump!



Diablo, I just read your endpage article in Entertainment Weekly ("Camp Hollywood") #984, Mar.28/08 ---


I'm so glad to read you had a nice visit up our way, here. And yes, the casualness of the city lends itself to actors (well-known and not) to just enjoy their stay here during their filming contracts. Being themself and not having to worry too much about "wierd fans" and the press, they enjoy here, though their whereabouts is still usually covered, here and there through the print media.


I have met or run into several actors and 'stars' through my years, just being downtown. Never a big thing. It usually turns into an "OMG was that really..." moment later on. But at the first moment, it's pretty cool just to nod or say hello to them, and hope that their stay here is a nice one.


Looking forward to more of your EW articles!

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I just watched Juno (DVD screener copy), and I must say, I've never seen a movie with as much cringe-inducing dialogue, but it did have heart.


Did you really just post "I pirated your movie and it sucks" to this thread?


Smooth. Very smooth.

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^I don't think we really have to kiss her @$$ any longer. She posted on this site a few times last year, but now she's an Oscar winner and probably will never return. I think we now can say what we really thought of the movie. She'll never read it anyhow. I think it's funny how people have addresse their posts to her. Pretty much like writing a letter to Anne Frank.

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Who is kissing butt here? I found the screenplay to be wonderful. It does seem to have some language that is more familiar to the younger generation, but I found it believable for the movie. I felt this way about the screenplay before I knew who wrote it or that she posted on TPR.

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I finally caught the movie, legally on a flight. JetBlue's DirectTV was down so they offered up a free movie instead.


I enjoyed the movie. I don't get caught up in all the Oscar hoopla, since I rarely go to movies.


I have no idea what goes into converting an idea into a screenplay, nor do I care, but I will say that Juno was quite entertaining.


I thank everyone involved in the movie for making my choice of Juno over Alvin and the Chipmunks the right decision.

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