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A Little Help Needed Planning a Trip to Germany and europe


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In june or there abouts, i'm planning a trip to europe to visit theme parks, I would go on the TPR trip but the price is far too much for my budget and i can't find anyone of my friends who would like to go with me (mainly due to the price).


My first problem is, i am going to have to do this all on public transport. can anyone suggest some good parks which are easily accessible in germany?


Please help!, i have no idea how to even start thinking about doing this.

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Budget your money and go on our trip! You'd hit everything you want, you'd make tons of friends who will be on the trip just like you and you won't have to worry about anything.


Seriously, it would be impossible for you to hit everything we're hitting in 2 weeks if you're only doing public transport.


We also just announced a cheaper option for the Europe trip with NO Disneyland Paris.


Email me if you're interested.


Oh, and we've already confirmed ERT at several parks!

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i really want to come on the TPR trip, but ive found out another problem, and that is the proximity to my final exams, the preliminary dates are up, and if all goes well i would be finished, but there is every chance i wont. and i probably wont know till after the deadline for deposits on whether i can come. its a bit of a gamble.

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