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Tomorrowland refurbishment ( DLR )

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"They DO need to replace Innoventions" (atem122)


Fixed for truth. Total waste of space. And a terrible waste of the once-great Carousel Theatre. Surely Disney can come up with a new show that would not only make use of its rotating stages, but could fill the need for the major show in that area that should replace HISTA, which in turn opens that space for something new. Didn't some old guy once say something like, "Disneyland will never be completed...etc."?

"How about a people mover?" (ginzo)


YES!!1! Do something with the old Peoplemover track, provided that it's structurally sound for a new attraction. Strange as it sounds, the Peoplemover was one of the best attractions in Tomorrowland. Rocket Rods was a good idea (on paper, anyway), but cost cutting killed the great ride it could have been (rode it once---next...). If there are no plans for the track, then take it out.


Tomorrowland at WDW's Magic Kingdom looks very futuristic to me. I never saw it before my first visit in 2002 so I don't know how different it was before then. As a longtime visitor to Disneyland, it'd be a little hard to lose the classic Disneyland Tomorrowland architecture that I've known most of my life, but even then, a good remake would work, too.



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Off the top of my head....


Put the Rocket Jets back where they belong.

Reinstate the People Mover.

Replace Innoventions with Plectu's Galactic Revue.

Something new and futuristic to replace HISTA. Or, barring that, Captain EO.

Full service "looking out into space" restaurant where the Rocket Rods queue/Circlevision was.

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I also want to join the campaign to bring back the originality of Disney's rides. I mean, they make movies based on the rides there, what happens when you add nothing but rides based on movies?*



*Wave after wave of sequels and direct-to-dvd movies...


You're my hero.

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Take out HISTA audience(3rd least favorite ride after stitch and figment) and put in something like TRON to go with the new movie coming out. Make Innoventions more floridaesque. Add something with a Vekoma booster bike(take out people mover) and theme it to pod racers with the new star tours.

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I also want to join the campaign to bring back the originality of Disney's rides. I mean, they make movies based on the rides there, what happens when you add nothing but rides based on movies?*



*Wave after wave of sequels and direct-to-dvd movies...


You're my hero.


I don't know why so many people are against using a movie to create new rides. It's not really what story is used, it's how it's told. Isn't Journey to the Center of the Earth, one of the best Disney rides ever created, based upon a few ideas of Jules Verne? Not necessarily based on a movie, but is it not based upon a previously crafted story with a Disney Twist?


Don't get me wrong, I would love to see more creativity and originality to the stories we're presented in rides, but fact of the matter is using an already established license will most likely always result in much more merchandise sales. Of course that is what leads to getting budgets approved and rides actually made, how much money it can make the business back. So if using the story of cars gets me a $400 Million attraction then so be it.



On the subject at hand, I like the direction they are already heading, they added a bunch of seating around that "terrible water attraction" with trees giving it a much more organic feeling. They are going to add Star Tours 2, which should add another breathe of fresh air to that area of the park, and there is a rumored E-ticket heading back to the area of Innoventions will possibly another welcome addition. Another rumor is they are actually trying to figure out what to put up on the rocket rods track. My wish list does include a replacement for HISTA though.

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From what I remember, the Rocket Rods line defenitely started where the entrance to Astro Blasters is now and went underground. I believe the original Peoplemover line was something similar to what they have at WDW now? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that would seem like a logical choice to do here also.


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My wish list is pretty hefty...

- Take out HISTA, bring in an E-ticket show, something like ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

- Bring back the people mover, add screens like the did with Horizons @ Epcot.

-Take out Innoventions, bring in a show in the bottom half, and the Peoplemover queue, and entrance on the second, this way, you don't have miles of rope and chains cutting off the guests in the already crowded bottlenecked entrance to TL.

- Update Autopia with the "Green Cars" they have in HKDL, with a futuristic look, unlike the "roadster", "coupe" and "sports car" they have now. With each color of the car, have corresponding LED lights underneath, Add several more futuristic sight gags alongside the track, enhanced queue with ALOT more futuristic advertisements, maybe an hour loop of it, instead of the 15 minutes it is now.. drop the Chevron sponsor, add a electricity sponsor, or something.

- Take out Redd Rocket's Pizza Port, Bring in a full service sit down restaurant, and if this makes sense, have it be upscale space themed...

- Redesign Tomorrowland Terrace, to a very urban space dance club.

that's all I got for now...I'll think of some other stuff when I get a chance.

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Bring back the 70's look Tommorowland. The cheesy tile murals, the pale blue and white structural elements, etc.


(Actually, I kinda liked that look for tommorowland. Always looked good to me...)


In reality:


Dump HISTA. Tron works. As does the original (if outdated, but still way-cool) Black Hole. Possibly even use the space for something special or different in theme element design. Disneyland is missing H20 rides as a general rule, which could make for a very cool attraction. (Hmmmm... Perhaps dig out the theater, and go from there.)


Sadly, building another enclosed coaster there (Save one for alien theme/alien planet theme) would be a dupe for the most part. Simply putting up standard steel coaster wouldn't work either- but then again, only one 'spin n' spew' ride makes not for a theme area. Put Orbiters BACK on the pedestel where it belongs. But an ENCLOSED spin n' spew- themed for example, would really work. Something right nauseating.


PUT THE PEOPLEMOVER BACK. PERIOD. It was CLASSIC THEN. It is STILL A classic now. Shame, Shame, SHAME on Disney for pulling this out for a 'failed concept' ride.


We all know about Star Tours 2, so that's a go.


And, Of Course, Bring back Carousel Of Progress.


Just my .02 worth.

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My wish list:


Innoventions: removed, replaced by a "Space Camp" - astronaught training sims.


Relocate Maliboomer, themed out to a rocket ship.


Make Autopia a dark ride. Use the second level for expansion of attractions.


Peoplemover - liked the concept I read about a long time ago about pods circling the track, wouldn't go with the "Incredibles" theme though. Maybe an outer space exploration ride film. Possible to adapt basic movements of an indy car, combined with monitor in each pod as it moves around the track?


Hista - replaced by a custom Wall-E film.

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