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Robb, Elissa, & Kristen's Epic Holiday Adventure


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So Robb, Kristen and I took an awesome vacation / work / cruise 3 week trip to Florida and beyond over the Holiday break. We met up with old and new friends and had a great time. I’ll do the TR in sections as it’s rather large, check out the first part below!


Departure and Cruise!


So on our way to the airport we stopped for one last Vault ICEE.



Turns out it was the last one ever at our local Target as they were gone the next day. Sucks that Jahan decided to be emo that night and not get one!


We made it fairly uneventfully to Florida where my brother Grant and his girlfriend Kristyn picked us up in Orlando and we were off to Ft. Lauderdale to start a cruise! We did a seven night Western Caribbean on the Grand Princess. Overall it was very nice, but I think we’re a bit spoiled by the big Royal Caribbean ships. We had an awesome time still. This update will focus a bit on the ship and the Canopy Tour we did in Jamaica!


Here’s Robb’s first of many plates of food:


And our cabin was right near the art gallery.



Of course the grandparents were also on the cruise and took care of KidTums a lot so we could do fun stuff.


As we were leaving the port it was a pretty awesome site with 9 cruise ships all departing!


Then there was an even better view

(Grant’s Ass!)


After way too much food the first day, Robb attempts to lose 30lbs in 30 minutes on the tiny ship toilet.


Next day, and plenty of people are taking advantage of the pool area. Not quite as nice as some of the newer ships, but this was a Princess one so it’s more geared to the older crowd.


I always thought if I decide to learn how to Scuba dive, this is the way to do it!


Another day, another giant plate of food for Robb!


So we decided to go to the first of many Origami Classes. This one was all about making a goldfish. Everything was going great until the end of the lesson we were instructed that to finish the fish we had to ‘blow up its butt hole’. Ok, now, I don’t think the instructor worded it like that, but that was what it boiled down to!


Yup, that’s me blowing air up a fish ass!


Formal Food




Formal People



Our first port was Jamaica and we were signed up for a Canopy Tour. We’ve done several before, but they’re still not boring. This one even had two unadvertised repelling sections that were insane!


This was on the bus on the way up the mountain. The ride went from scary, to terrifying, to ‘can I please get out and walk’ scary!


In true Grant fashion, he had to use the toilet before we got started!

To give him credit though, he had never done ANYTHING like this before and I was proud of him for trying. (Even though he was just doing it for his woman!)


I don’t think he was ready for what the harness does to the ‘junk’.


Robb and I on the other hand are quite used to harnesses!


Here’s Grant doing one of the weird repel lines

It was fast and insane, but not as insane as the other one which was about 25 feet straight down. Full gravity speed too! And you stopped instantly right at the bottom. In my case I stopped with all my weight on the right side of my female bits. I was limping funny the rest of the tour.


Halfway through, we’re doing well!


Until I got molested by one of the scary workers!


Grant swinging through the jungle


Kristyn’s turn




And OMG…the rope even held Robb up!!!!



All done, made it to some nice river at the bottom.


And yes, we’re all screwed up


When in Jamaica, do not get on any bus with the word Terror painted on it!


Our bus was equally stupid


After Robb made me pose with the horse


I dropped him off here:


That’s it for now! Got a ton of people coming to our place tonight getting ready for the big SFMM and DVD Event tomorrow!


Coming up is the rest of the cruise, fun in Sarasota, and of course visits to MANY Theme Parks!


Hope you enjoy!

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Looks like all kinds of fun. Kristen is super hyper mega-cute as usual. I've never been on a cruise but I hope to one day. Hopefully after this year.


And your brother is kinda ummmm... how do I put this...he's kinda hot. I can definitely see the family resemblance

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Your brighter than me though good buddy.


Sorry I did not answer your question too.


The canopy tour is like he said, a zip line in the forest, usually going from station to station up in the tree tops.


The only Zip line I have done so far was at that amusement park last year on our coaster trip, it was cool.



Peace, Big Mike

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I have to chime in and say that photo of Elissa and Kristen is beautiful!!!!!


I'm having cruise withdrawal - it's been a year since our DCL cruise. No idea how long it will be until our next one, since we are now a family of 5.


Looking forward to the rest of the report!

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Part 2 – More Cruise Fun!


Ok, so the next port was the Cayman Islands. For those of you who have not cruised before there are no docks for ships at the Cayman Islands so you have to ‘tender’ in on smaller ships. This is always a pain, and it’s always rough and windy there so KT and I decided to stay on the ship. Grant is also not into the whole small boat thing so he stayed behind as well. This left Robb and Kristyn to go ashore!


A picture of the ship from the smaller tender


Welcome to the Cayman Islands!


I kind of fear what they were putting in some of the beers!


Whenever Robb is unsupervised with the camera we end up with stuff like this:





OMG! Someone cut off those birds heads!!!

Here’s the section of the TR with Robb posing with random things:


Big Black Dick


Scary Red Fish


Senor Frog.


Time to head back to the ship


Where Elissa and KT are waiting!


Kristen, what are you doing, that’s your Uncle!!!


Time for some more food!


And of course dessert!


Kristen made friends at the Jewelry Store, and they even gave her a beautiful present at the end of the cruise!


Princess Cruise line started a new trend in cruising called ‘Movies Under The Stars’. They have a nice screen setup over one of the pool areas, and during the day they would show sports, concerts, random stuff. Then at night they would show movies with blankets and popcorn. Tonight was very Elissa Friendly!

Yay for Ratatouille!


Crap, the Disney ship must be angry that we watched their movie last night as they pulled up right next to us the next day in Cozumel, Mexico.


This is nicer than what most of Mexico looks like. =/


Forget all those spam emails for Canadian Pharmacy’s, it’s all about the Mexican ones!



I don’t understand all of these shirts. I mean you see these generic shirts at all tourist places, you see people buying them. But no one really wears them! Where do they end up? Is there like a Tacky Tee-Shirt Hell? Do these vendors sneak back into your closest and take the shirts back to resell them because they know you won’t notice? It’s odd.


More tacky souvenirs


At least Cozumel is Elissa Friendly (oh and KT discovered she likes McDonalds French Fries on this trip, so it’s now KT Friendly also!)


But where’s the Intamin Woodie!??!


Yay for cheap Mexican Beer!


Dead Men Can’t Be Sued By Disney!


SharkTums approves of Mexican SharkTums!


Well, then the quality must be amazing!


My dad and Fidel share a moment.


Um, Warning. The next picture is very disturbing. Robb decided to buy one of those horrible tacky souvenirs that you wonder ‘Who would ever buy that’. Yeah, it’s pretty X Rated, so if you’re easily offended…heck if you’re easily offended you wouldn’t have made it this far! So here she is, in all her glory!


Yeah, I warned you.


Apparently she’s some sort of tequila holder.


Moving on.


It feels really wrong that the next picture is of KT, but as Robb was wasting money on that horrible thing, I got KT a nice handmade bracelet!


Back on the ship again, Robb thanks Casey for his big win!!


More food


Even more dessert


Ok, so now for a short story accompanied with some awesome pictures. One of the last nights of the cruise we went up to my brothers cabin to play some Monopoly. So we play for about 45 minutes, then KT started getting tired so I took her back to our cabin to go to sleep while Robb continued to play. About 45 minutes after that Robb comes in, in tears laughing. I’m yelling at him to be quiet because KT is asleep, but then he proceeds to tell me what happened and I die laughing as well.


So apparently, my brother had stockpiled all of the chocolates they give you every day and hidden them in the bed. Robb had been sitting on these for the last hour and a half. This is what the bed looked like when he got up:


His pants looked very similar. So then, the three geniuses try to figure out what to do. They decide to pour about 3 gallons of water on the bed to ‘wash’ the chocolate off.


They then spent about 30 minutes with multiple hair dryers trying to dry the bed off. It was still wet when we got off the ship.


We tipped this guy like $40. He was amazing, and brought the stuff all the way to the garage!



And so ends another awesome cruise! Seriously, the TPR Cruise will happen, it’s just way too much fun!


Next up…hanging in Sarasota and a BONUS CREDIT!!!!

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