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Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai, China

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I'm out working in SongJiang, only 15 minutes away from this mud filled construction site. I went up there a few days ago, the dive machine is looking near completion, there is still loads of track in a tarmac area to the south of the park. I couldnt get as close as the construction workers, but i got a half decent dusk shot of the woodie, and a crackig close up of the dive machine. Im hoping to get back nextg week and see the yellow and green track installed a bit to the west of the park. Im also on the september TPR trip through here.

if you want to see my photos they are on RCDB



while your on RCDB check oout parks in wuhu and nanjing ive visited. not many pictures up yet as im stuck behind great ftp fire wall of china and cant easly ftp pictures

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I say we convince knott's to burn down Ghostrider and get a clone of this!


Why???? So CF can screw up another great coaster in 5 years or less??



Think about it!!




Lmfao touche, yeah Mean Streak and Ghostrider are good examples about how much CF can murder a woodie, there are probably also design flaws but they shouldnt be that bad. I still want a GG woodie in so cal though...... *cough* like that's ever gonna happen *cough*

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The first pic is waaaaaaaay too big! Its causing my computer to lag really badly.


Otherwise, the overall park looks aswesome. I'm interested about the Mega-Lite and what looks to be drop tower on the right side of the picture.

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^Lets not forget they also have an Intamin Mega-Lite and a pretty good mine train.


Its interesting that they are not doing the SLC in this park. It appears they are doing a single rail suspended coaster like Spinning Batman in Beijing Shijingshan Park.

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yeah, the first picture was bigger than TPR allowed size of 800x600, so i thought it was rejected, it appears to have posted and is causing the 2nd attempt to be offset

perhaps the moderator can fix it.

I am standing at the right of the main entrance, you can see the dive machine to the left. it was as far as i got before being spotted by the workers ans opted to go back to the taxi.

I really cant see how they are going to get 3 more coasters up and running in 4 months and finish the buildings, but this is china and they don't build to last. the factory I'm working in was constructed 18 months ago and it looks 30 years old already.


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^I know what you mean, but if you think about it, they're getting the 'harder coasters' out of the way first. A mine train and terrible spinning batman can probably go up in about 6 weeks. As for the buildings and theming, yeah it all 'looks' really nice, but Shawn will agree with me, it's total crap! So that could probably be done really fast as well.


Even me being the pessimist that I am I have a feeling that we'll ride at least four coasters there in September. (And those will at least be the better/more unique ones in the park!)


Thanks for the live updates George, sorry you have to be out there again!

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^Yeah as George said, they don't build to last! I am hoping they go with more of the HP Shenzhen and HP Chengdu styles with much less fake rockwork. Either way, this park with its coaster lineup on day one probably will be the premier park in China for now.

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its tough out here at te moment, weather is 24 deg (76 for us frinds) and cool breeze, crowds are high but its not easter in china, so i have a few days off to travel, im in beijing taking in some culture and filling in some gaps from last years TPR trip, so far ive got 2 out 3 of the golden horse spinning mouse coasters that were down last year.


this trips big find is Fantawild in Wuhu. its an ace park, as big as a disney park, has the feel of a disney park, has epcot geosphere, space mountain( 4d show though), and the talest hangin coaster in china.

their mine train is a twin lift hill and has impecable themeing, the atlantis water ride looks straigh out of IOA. ther eis a city walk as you enter the park, again an IOA idea re-used.

Its a must see park i China,but its no where near an aiprot, and is 4-6 hours from shanghai by train.

If TPR could get this on their next china trip it would be a real coo.

when I get the time I will put more photos up on RCDB, check fantawilf in a weeks time


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