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Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai, China

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Can we please not talk about Chinese Earthquakes, especially since we'll be visiting Chengdu!!!!???


Thank you, that is all!


You mean you're not trembling at the prospect of riding this?


You're not shaking in your boots?


This ride would certainly get an 8.9 on my scale!

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Gravity Group seriously amazes me. This is their 5th design, and I still just can't figure them out. It seems like there is something different every time. There are some designers out there that you can kind of expect something from. I don't want to say that they are predictable, but they have their own little design quirks. But the guys at Gravity Group just throw something completely new, or unique, into each layout and foot of track. It is just great.

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I have just recieved another Fireball update from Martin & Vleminckx.


It's look like the ride is getting close to being complete! And it's looking GREAT!


Here are some new photos...


And say hello to the crew that has brought you Fireball all very happy after they received the approval from the Government of China Inspectors for the first Wood Coaster in their Country!


Congrats guys!


I believe this section is about all that's remaining of the structure to be constructed.


There we go! That's better!


If only that S&S tower wasn't blocking the view! :p


A shot from the lift hill. This is looking VERY pretty! =)

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This coaster looks like a lot of fun, but I can't help but think part of this ride is going to slide into the water on either side some day.


I also noticed how much more clear the China air looked in these pictures compared to the rest. The past pictures made it look like such a depressing place.

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