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Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai, China

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Here are a few new Fireball photos just in from China!


Mmm....very pretty!


Dense...very dense!


Looks like this may someday be that "El Toro" shot.


Great view of the first drop.


That's a bit better! =)


The top of the first drop kind of looks "naked" at the moment!

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Thanks Robb!

This is looking nice, but I hope that drop isn't going to get rough at the bottom like MegaZeph's did. These two drops look the same.




I mean, it doesn't have Gerstlauer trains so I'm sure it'll be FAR much better than anything MZ could be.




But thanks!

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A quick update. The Shanghai parks website has now gone live.

A quick browse around shows the elusive dive machine and the rest of the expected coaster line up.


Fireball is certainly being pused as the parks main attraction. And as the first woodie in China its not suprising.


Not had time to browse around much as i'm on a rather slow satellite link but will report anything else i find

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Looks like The Gravity Group has developed another winner. Gosh it sucks that it is winter (neg 1 degree wind chill right now in Ohio). I am jonesing for the Ravine Flyer or The Voyage. May can not come fast enough! Looks like China is on the trip list in the next couple of years. Is there a virtual POV of this coaster yet?

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hey all

Theres been a few updates on this ride around but though we should add them to the topic.


Gravity Cast has added plenty of new pics

See here for more http://thegravitygroup.com/gravitycast/


they have also added a nice little explanation of the changes made to fireball such as the new ending and the removal of the double down off the turnaround.


One reader asked about what has changed on Happy Valley’s Fireball. After reviewing the rendering, quite a bit has indeed changed. As he noticed the drop of the first turnaround no longer is a double down drop but now goes down all the way to the ground. Making this change allowed us to optimize this area dynamically and structurally. Another modification occurred on the home stretch from the bridge over the path to the brake run. as you can see in the following photos, the hills and curves have been tweaked for a variety of reasons. The ride now drops off the crossover and enters a curving hill followed by a little bunny hop and then a climb into the final turn.

Again pictures are on the above link


Last but not least is a picture taken of the parks new Dive Machine from the new Happy Valley Calendar downloadable from the official site

looks familer hey?

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