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Disneyland in 1979

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^Some places may be able to transfer slides to jpeg. Call a reputable camera shop in your area and ask if they can digitize slides. You can also scan them yourself, but only if you have a scanner with a backlight for scanning tranparencies.


Also, those holes in the Matterhorn have been filled in. An excellent site to visit is Yesterland, devoted to past Disneyland attractions.

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Great pics! I made my first visit to D-land when I was 6 (1970). We just have the slides my dad took. Wonder if those can be transferred to jpg files?


Just about any camera shop will convert slides. However it's really expensive. Especially when you consider how many slides most people have.


Getting a scanner with a slide attachment, and doing it yourself is probably a better option. My parents have an HP scanner with a slide attachment. Basically just a card that holds 4 slides, with a little light that goes on top. I scanned a whole pile of my mother's slides last year for Christmas. Took quite awhile to do them, but that's also because I scanned hundreds of them.

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Thanks again for all the compliments. I let my mom know how much you all have enjoyed the pictures. I went through the album again and found a few more. Unfortunately, there were none of the burning cabin or Inner Space.


The EP Ripley


Dancers at the polynesian show at the Disneyland Hotel.


Gardens at the Disneyland Hotel


The Autopia


Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse


The Hub area from the Peoplemover

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Fantastic Pictures and fantastic memories for your family. Was wondering what month you went in 1979 or even what day? i know it was nearly 30 years ago, but there might be a date on the album? 1979 was the year i was born


I did not notice a date as far as a day goes. I believe it was in August. I'll have to check next time I am at my parents' house

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Wow! this really makes me feel like the Disneyland of today is being cheated by the Disneyland of Yesterday. One question. Any pics of America Sings?


Unfortunately, no. The few pictures that I have not posted are generally of the family or very very similar to ones that I have posted. Sorry, I miss America Sings too.

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