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Bay Beach Amusement Park Discussion Thread

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^They will have PTCs. Don't worry.

This coaster looks really fun! Does anyone else find it really cool to see a classic yet brand new woodie being built? It's almost like going back in time.

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This coaster looks really fun! Does anyone else find it really cool to see a classic yet brand new woodie being built? It's almost like going back in time.

Yes, I think more companies should rebuild classic rides like the Wildcat at Idora(I think that is where it is).

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Wow... This is a lot bigger than I thought it would be from the photos of the original one I saw. It looks like this thing could turn out to have some great air!


Definitely will check it out this summer.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

First Successful Test Run - 4/25/2011

It was a big day at the Bay Beach Zippin Pippin Roller Coaster site today. For the first time a train was loaded onto the tracks, weighed down with ballast and completed a successful run of the track. After the first successful run several more runs were made including two with two passengers each. I was on site for the testing and was able to get some good video of the action. I'm uploading the best videos of the days activities, the first video is now on-line and linked below. Keep checking back, I will be uploading other videos and still pictures from the days testing.




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Is it me, or does that thing crawl through that course. Each turnaround takes forever, especially the outer one. Let's hope this thing gets faster as it's broken in.


I'm sure it will.


Random Fact: When Boardwalk Bullet was first tested (with a weighted train), it only made it through the first 1/3 of the course before rolling back and valleying (There's a video of this somewhere). I'd say Zippin' Pippin did pretty well!

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Glad to see the Pippin successfully completed its maiden voyage. Congrats to the TGG and the Green Bay builders on their accomplishment.


I'm must say I'm a bit surprised they used the Thunder Eagle's complete five-car train. As far as I know, the original ZP never used a train of this length. Not even when it ran the old NAD Century Flyers. I'm wondering how this added dynamic will affect the speed after the complete break-in period ...


I only rode the TE a few times in Pigeon Forge, but every time I was aware of how it seemed to creep around its course, almost as if that fifth car might be holding it back. On the other hand, both KI's Racer and KD's Rebel Yell use five-car trains and they perform quite well while Carowinds' Thunder Road could only benefit from an added car.



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Ride Report! - May 6th, 2011

Today I was honored with an early ride of the new Zippin Pippin Roller Coaster at Bay Beach Amusement park before it's official public opening in about two weeks, actually, to be more accurate, 6 rides. I have a new POV video from one of the rides, see the link below. Here is a hill by hill turn by turn description of the ride. I also got some pictures of the latest finishing touches of the construction going on around the coaster and grounds. I'll write a separate post in a few days to review those details.


The back six seats were open for riders during these tests so all of these impressions and the video is from the perspective of riding in the last car of the train. The front 24 seats were weighted down with sand bags. The trains sit two across, there is a small panel separating the two seats. They are a bit tight with two full grown adults, but squeeze in it's worth the effort! Each seat has it's own seat belt and padded lap bar.


After the brakes release you head immediately down a small incline and into turn 1 which is inside of the structure for turn 3, you quickly head around this turn and after 180 degrees you start up the lift hill. The trip up the lift hill is very quick, be sure to look over you right shoulder as you near the top for a beautiful view of the Bay. At the top of the lift hill there is a quick 180 degree turn as you line up for the first drop.


In the back car the front of the train starts accelerating down the hill while you are still completing turn 2 so you get a good burst of speed as you are coming out of the turn and are then quickly pulled down the first drop. The first drop is nice and smooth and quickly bottoms out and heads uphill into turn 3. Turn 3 is another 180 degree turn and the train carries plenty of momentum around this turn and you are again pulled around the last bit of the turn as the first cars of the train start down the second drop before you complete the turn, this is a great crack the whip sensation. When I have the chance I'll ride the first car of the train but all things considered I think the best ride on this coaster is going to be in the back.


At this point you are travelling alongside the lift hill and quickly complete the drop, head up another hill and move through part of the lift hill structure. Just as you crest the next hill there are a couple of structural beams that seem very close to your reach (assuming your hands are up), it's a great illusion but I'm 6'3" tall and reached as high as I could and wasn't in any danger of coming into contact with these beams.


After this hill you are heading into the out and back with two quick bunny hills that both have some good airtime. One more uphill and you are into the turn around. Coming out of the turn around you head into another uphill with a nice little banked turn to the left.


On the last bunny hill before you head uphill and into the station there is a great little surprise, at this point the train still has a lot of momentum and this last small hill has some great abrupt airtime. If you watch the video you can see how quickly the cars in front are snapped downward at this point. This tends to launch the riders against their seat belt and lap bar when they least expect it. It's a great surprise and everyone I rode with on the rides I took really liked that last little surprise. Then it's up one small hill and the brakes catch and the ride is over. Trains were completing the circuit in a pretty consistent 1 minute 30 seconds.


All things considered I have to say the ride exceeded my expectations. It's pretty incredible to think this coaster was designed in 1912. John Miller designed a great ride that holds up very well nearly a century later. The ride is a perfect fit for Bay Beach. It's a fun thrilling ride but not to large and intimidating so really just about anybody over 48" can ride it, young and old alike. I can definitely see Grandparents taking their Grandchildren on the ride once they are tall enough. It will be interesting to see what kind of reviews it gets from the people of Green Bay after it's grand opening on May 21st.










Onride Video from the city of Green Bay:




Looks like a it will be a great addition and should have some nice views being close to the water. Can't wait to finally head back to BB, ZP opens in just over 14 days!

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Wow! I'm surprised of how intense it looks! Reminds me of riding in the back of Georgia Cyclone getting pulled over all the hills! I might just have to make a Valley Fair/Mall of America/Dells/Zippin Pippin/ SFGAm trip this year!

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The Zippin Pippin roller coaster is exceeding expectations and proving it by posting big numbers during the first month of operation.


The city owned Bay Beach amusement park brought in more than $226,000 over last year because of the new ride, with more than $726,000. That represents a more than 45% increase. The city was anticipating about a 20% increase.


The roller coaster is gaining attention, with a buck a ride, it brought in over $110,000 alone.


Park Director Tina Westergaard says more people are spending longer periods of time in the park. Receipts show spending increases in other areas of the park with concessions, souvenirs, soda machines, commissions, and video games.


May Jim Schmitt says this is about lifting a whole park, not just a roller coaster.


Schmitt received critical comments of his effort to bring the ride to Green Bay.


Overall ridership was lacking on all the other rides, with attendance down 7.3%. The other 16 rides saw ridership decrease by neary 25%.

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Enjoying the rides at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay soon could mean more than just a fun and relaxing afternoon. It could mean supporting your favorite local charity. Green Bay city leaders are considering letting nonprofit groups raise money by asking donors to match revenue generated by rides at the popular city-owned amusement park.


Brown County United Way conceived the idea and sought to designate one day to benefit United Way during Bay Beach's upcoming summer season. Some city officials initially balked at the idea, questioning whether a public resource like Bay Beach should be used to fund a private charity. A compromise proposal headed to the Green Bay City Council tonight would limit the number of nonprofit events to be held each year and would require outside groups to share their charitable proceeds with the city.


Alderman Jerry Wiezbiskie, an early critic of the idea, said he now sees the arrangement as a winning strategy for both sides. "Share with us, and we'll share with you," he said. "If anything, it's going to increase our business and make the park more valuable to our community."


Under the proposal, a nonprofit would have to give the city 2 percent of its proceeds for the right to raise funds at Bay Beach, which sometimes generates crowds of 5,000 people or more daily during the summer.


Brown County United Way President Gregg Hetue said he was unsure whether his organization would want to go ahead with its event under the city's conditions. Hetue said he had hoped allowing sponsors to match Bay Beach ride revenue would create a new source of funds for the organization's early childhood development programs, also known as the Community Partnership for Children. Referring to the emphasis on helping children, Hetue said holding an event at Bay Beach seemed like a natural alliance. "What better place than a place where kids go every day?" he said.


Tentatively planned for July 29, the event would allow individual United Way sponsors to choose one of Bay Beach's 17 rides and match whatever revenue was generated by that ride throughout the day. The city would not be asked to relinquish any of its normal revenue from the amusement park.


United Way officials have talked about lining up 17 corporate sponsors so that the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, merry-go-round and other attractions all would generate matching dollars for charity.


Dawne Cramer, the city's parks and recreation director, said other nonprofits in the community might want to try the same thing if it is successful for United Way. "I think this is a great opportunity for them," Cramer said. "Where else do you get to go and use a venue like Bay Beach?"


Buoyed by its new Zippin Pippin roller coaster, the amusement park last year posted record-high revenues of more than $2 million for the city.


Aldermen on the City Council Park Committee voiced concerns about using city dollars to support private charities, or possibly attracting out-of-town groups or inappropriate nonprofits, such as political organizations.


The policy being debated by City Council tonight limits the offer to Brown County nonprofits with a "family oriented" purpose. It also requires a $50 application fee and another fee to cover city costs — on top of the 2 percent share of the proceeds.


No more than two such nonprofit events annually would be permitted under the proposal. Alderman Ned Dorff said he might support increasing the number of events allowed so that more local nonprofits can borrow the United Way's idea and benefit from charitable matching dollars.


Dorff said he proposed the 2 percent share — which would be earmarked for the city's Bay Beach fund — as a way of making sure that the city was reimbursed for any costs involved in helping a charity hold its event at Bay Beach. Dorff said he welcomed the United Way's creative new approach to fundraising. "It's a cool idea," he said. "We just had to set some ground rules."

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The Pippin is certainly a fantastic old school ride and being able to help raise money for charity just for riding it is a big plus. Overall I enjoyed the park and wished I had more time to spend there. I think overall the Pippin added that little something it was missing to keep people there, not to mention the park is very affordable for families.

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A local Wisconsin newspaper, The Fond Du Lac Reporters writes that Bay Beach is buying a Sea Dragon (swinging ship ride) off the carnival circuit.




New ride coming to Bay Beach Amusement Park

Mar 6, 2013

Written by Scott Cooper Williams


The Sea Dragon swinging boat ride, currently traveling county fairs in the eastern U.S., would cost $670,000 to bring to Green Bay. / Submitted


GREEN BAY - The Sea Dragon could make its new home on Green Bay’s waterfront by this summer.


The Green Bay City Council agreed Tuesday to spend $670,000 to acquire the new swinging boat ride as the latest addition to Bay Beach Amusement Park.


The acquisition is part of a new plan for investing millions to expand and upgrade the city-owned amusement park over the next several years.


Alderman Jerry Wiezbiskie joined others in applauding the ambitious growth strategy.


“It sends chills down your spine, really,” Wiezbiskie said.


The City Council voted unanimously to pursue the purchase of the Sea Dragon, which would become the first new ride added at Bay Beach since a blockbuster deal three years ago that brought the Zippin Pippin roller coaster here.


The Zippin Pippin, which cost more than $3 million, has been credited with boosting attendance and revenue at the park.


City parks officials assured aldermen Tuesday that attendance and revenue would continue to climb with the new proposed improvements, including other new rides, a waterfront promenade, a shelter for corporate events and an outdoor dining terrace. The strategy calls for $20 million in investments, most of them in the next 10 years.


All improvements would be funded through Bay Beach revenues or private donations to a new Friends of Bay Beach fund-raising group, officials said.


Negotiations are under way to acquire the Sea Dragon from owners who have been using the 20-year-old ride on a county fair circuit in the eastern United States. City officials have not yet identified the ride’s current owners.


Jason Arnoldi, assistant manager for Bay Beach, told aldermen that the swinging boat attraction could hold 40 to 60 people at a time and is projected to generate ridership of 300,000 to 350,000 people in its first year of operation at Bay Beach.


“It’s a really fun ride,” Arnoldi said. “It just fits perfectly with what we do out there.”


Depending on how the purchase negotiations go, the Sea Dragon could make its Bay Beach debut before the end of the upcoming season, which extends from May to September.


In addition to the Sea Dragon purchase, the council approved the long-term master plan for expansion and the creation of the friends fund-raising group.


Alderman Amy Kocha thanked city parks staffers for setting Bay Beach on a course for dramatic improvement.


“This thing,” Kocha said of the park, “has just blossomed so beautifully.”

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