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Photo TR: Cedar Point and more!!!

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Hi everyone. This trip actually took place last July. I wanted to make this Photo TR then, but for some reason I wasn't in the mood to, so I've decided to post it now. Please pardon me.


Anyway, here are the pics!

(darn they're backwards, sorry, won't happen again)


The 1st sign of sweetness!


OMG, it's the SIGN!!! (drooling)


Here was our stop for the next 3 nights.


These were in the hotel lobby. How much for them!?


Ahh....memories. This pic never gets old.


The soak city parking lot. It sure was peaceful that morning. It was about to get crazy.


1st up, Maverick. My new #1 steelie! I ran with the crowd to this coaster 1st thing EVERY morning I was at the park. That alone wore me out!


Maverick, you ROCK.


Hey, what's that?


Well, It's Millennium Force!


Maverick moved this baby down on my list. Sorry MF.


Going up and into a tree.


Sweet!!! Talk about speed.


The final air hill, and dad.


Overbanked turn awesomeness. This coaster is AMAZING at night!


Iron Dragon. Not bad, but I wouldn't care too much if the park took it out after a while.


Top Thrill Dragster. So tall, so fast! The most intense 20 seconds of my life! (Yes, it was my first time.)


"Arms Down.......Arms Down.......Arms down" I could beatbox to this. LOL.


Going down.


My family, except my mom, who was taking the picture.


Wildcat. One of Schwartzkopf's best "looks like nothing, but packs a punch!" coasters.


This is my "If I had a facebook account, this would be my profile picture" photo. (I hate all profile sites.)


Loading into the car.


Power Tower. One of my favorite S&S towers, and the best flat ride at CP hands down.


Magnum. Train full of happy but sore riders LOL.


Gemini. I believe My sisters and I are on the blue train. This coaster has great air, but it was kinda rough in the very back.


Skywawk. I'm on the 7th seat over. This was a really fun ride.


Going up.


Entering the helix.


Some intense g's are pulled here.


Raptor from Skyride.


This is Cedar Point. You like it? Goooooood.


Oceana Midway. So colorful.


maXair. Fun, but it made me a little sick. (which is weird, because I can ride Delerium fine)


Wow, My sis was able to birth WT out of her head. (My captions suck don't they?)


Best location for an amusement park EVER!!! (when the weather is good)


We have a LOT of skyline pics. My mom took most of them.


My sister and I on Troika.


Wicked Twister.


Front and center. Talk about a wind rush! The ride op was using his girl voice whenever he said the whole 3,2,1 thing. It was pretty hilarious.


Off we go!


This coaster sure is fun. Up the back spike twisting wickedly LOL. (I know, bad joke right?)




Snapped this while waiting in line for WT. Ain't it pretty?


Wicked Twister. Cool coaster.


Sorry I didn't turn the flash off. You can kinda see the train.




Finally, here is Kings Island's attempt to be like Cedar Point. I think it's obvious who wins.

Thanks for reading! Feedback requested.

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^LOL! I just realized How many times I (and my mom) captured shots with trees in them. Yes Cedar Point DOES have trees! I didn't take pics of the trashcans either! I wonder what that shows about me?

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Thanks guys. I now realize why the backwards thing happen more than a few times. It shows who's new to photo TR's.


I've got some more pics. Yay! (these were all taken by my mom)


I now leave this set of pics with a true sign of a coaster geek. Coaster videos on the iPod. I have more coaster footage on that iPod than I do songs! It's great. Thanks again guys. More feedback appreciated.


Man I cannot wait to come back!


One of the cons of CP.

Park in the middle of a lake=lots of seagulls=crap EVERYWHERE!


Wicked Twister fits so well with its surroundings.


Here they come around the corner.


Yes, we have a coaster and a bird.


Over at Cedar Point, Dragster is ready to launch.


This wave pool wasn't bad. It was a little to shallow. I had to be in the deep end most of the time.


She gives it a smile. I give it a "big mouth open."


My sis and I splashing into the finish of Rondezvous Run, which was AWESOME! I got some good air on that thing. It's really weird to get air on a water slide. Oh wait, my bad. This is a water COASTER! LOL.


You know sometimes it's fun to stand under buckets, and other times it hurts.


Ready to get soaked (again)?


This is a tree house with lots of fun water stuff that gets other people pissed when water is dumped on them, haha.


Here's your initial fist look at the water park. Cool huh?


We stopped at Castaway Bay. This is the first thing you see when you walk in.

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For all of those who would like to go (including me!), here's a quick tip: The best time to go are the last couple of weeks of May, and September weekends. The crowds are light, and the hotel prices are cheaper! You can stay at Breakers Express for a little over $60 a night!

Just thought I'd throw that out there. CP is usually pretty crowded through the middle of summer.

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For all of those who would like to go (including me!), here's a quick tip: The best time to go are the last couple of weeks of May, and September weekends. The crowds are light, and the hotel prices are cheaper! You can stay at Breakers Express for a little over $60 a night!

Just thought I'd throw that out there. CP is usually pretty crowded through the middle of summer.


Last few weeks of May are AWESOME to go. The park is usually (relatively speaking) dead. However first 2 or 3 weeks of June really aren't bad either, at least on a weekday. Just thought I would add my 2 cents


Again awesome TR! Makes me excited for next season!

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It's always nice to see a trip report in the middle of the offseason. Nicely done!


^I am tentatively planing on heading out to the point either Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th or the following Monday and Tuesday of June. How will the crowds most likely be? Also how are lines around that time of year? Help much appreciated.

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Great TR! Makes me wish I had taken more than 20 pics when I went up...I'm especially a fan of the WT pics, as I tried (to no avail) to get some good angles on that sucker--thanks for doing it for me.


^^Last year I went and hit up the Point for one Tuesday, June 5. So a little before you, but on the same day of the week...

**When we went, it was threatening rain all day and cool (45*-ish), just btw**

BUSY ALL DAY--Maverick (granted it was 2 weeks old at the time), Top Thrill (over an hour), Mantis (50 minutes),

BUSY SOMETIMES--Millennium Force (1-1/2 hr wait till the end of the day, then we got on in 10 mins), Raptor (was down for some of the day, but we rode back-to-back walk-ons at the end of the day)

NOT BAD ALL DAY--Magnum, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Mean Streak, CCMR

DOWN ALL DAY/MISSED--Disaster Transport, Wicked Twister, Blue Streak, Gemini, Wildcat, kiddies

In the last hour the park was open we managed to get: skyride to Raptor, 2 walk-ons of Raptor, 10-minute wait for Millennium, and get in line for Maverick. 2-hour wait there (mechanical delays and a long line contributed), but since they won't kick you out of line when the park closes, my friend and I got front row. I haven't been up there enough that early in the season to know if my experience is consistent with the norm, but I thought I'd contribute as best I could.

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Thanks again guys!


Just a quick heads up on what's coming in my TPR future. I'm planning on making a VIDEO trip report (if possible) on my next trip, which is going to be BIG. My dad and I are planning a trip to several parks around the Midwest/East Coast/Southern United States!

Parks will include:

Wisconsin Dells area

Six Flags Great America

Cedar Point

Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Over Georgia

Universal Orlando

and mabye Busch Gardens Africa.


My only question right now is if I have to put this TR in the videographer forum, or this forum. Anybody have an answer?

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For all of those who would like to go (including me!), here's a quick tip: The best time to go are the last couple of weeks of May, and September weekends. The crowds are light, and the hotel prices are cheaper! You can stay at Breakers Express for a little over $60 a night!

Just thought I'd throw that out there. CP is usually pretty crowded through the middle of summer.


Thanks for the tip man. I really have to go to Cedar Point!

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Nice trip report.


As mentioned before, it is nice to see a TR in the middle of winter.


BTW, how old is your sister?


LOL!!!! I knew it was only a matter of time before someone asked about this guys sister!

That is part of his family, lets stick to the coaster talk!

She is a pretty girl, just leave it at that.

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