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Year 2


Hola mis amigos! Como estais?


Alot of construction is taking place inside the park preparing for the new plaza for our third season. Look for an announcement this week.


Es muy bueno!


Slight modifications have been made to Palacio Real.


Several new buildings are beginning to show up around the new plaza.


Mas, pronto!

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No way... I looked everywhere for that! lol


Is it located in generic themeing, or was it included in an expansion pack?

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^ They're attached to the sign.


Looking great! But I'd still like to know where you get the fountain...


Uh... It comes with the game.


Really? I never seen it before, what scenary is it with?

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Year 3 Announcement


Two new attractions have been announced for the park's third season of operation!


I have translated the announcement:



Children and adults will be able to partake in a new family rollercoaster this year at Kingdom de España! Paco, standing at only 20 feet tall, will take riders through gentle twists and turns.


The ride, constructed by Zamperla, will be open for the park's third season.



This 4D adventure will take guests through Spains different environments, teaching guests the importance of preserving our wildlife. The ride will feature smells and other "effects" that will immerse riders in the experience.


Both of these rides are anchoring the new Plaza Mejor.


Concept Art


Mas, pronto!

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Year 3


Hola mis amigos! Nueostro ano trecero esta aqui!


Last night I got to see the new attractions up close.


This ride is sure to be a hit!


Paco's station is complete!


The new plaza...

Mas, pronto!

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^ It will be shown throughout the upcoming updates. I try to take pictures of random parts of the park so it's not repetitive like it sometimes was when Hershey's Hawaiian Escape would get a new coaster.

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