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The most *gasp* flat ride ever!

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I don't mind top spins but only with the water off.


I will not ride one again until the turn the water off on King Kahuna at Kennywood. If I wanted to get wet, I would go on raging rapids or Log Jammer. LOL!




*edit* I hate wipe out's too....those things give serious bruises to the sides of your ribs.

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I agree with Flying Scooter. I hate ferris wheels and skyrides. I don't like rocking back and forth especially if I'm stopped up high. There isn't a coaster tall enough for me but hell no to ferris wheels and skilifts.


As far as intensity, I 'd have to say Top Scan is the most intense ride I've ever been on. Strate's Top Spin is pretty high up there too.

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Super Loops! Its only a loose seatbelt and it goes upsidedown over and over and then stops in the loop. I was haging on for dear life. Super Loops are evil! :evildude: After that I ran right for Zipper.

Kevin"Zipper rocks! 8) "Bujold

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Ring of Fires and ferris wheels. Ring of Fires make me so sick, it's not even funny. I hate ferris wheels because I'm always afraid that they are going to snap off at the top and I would fall to my death. The only ferris wheel I can handle (this makes no sense) is the swinging carts on the Sun Wheel.

Brent "one would think it would be scarier" Shenton 8)

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  • 10 years later...

Well, look-kee here! I was surfing the waves of long, lost, and almost forgotten post and came across one that should be brought out, dusted, polished up good and shiny, and presented once again. Yes, you can thank me late with your applesauce!


One flat ride that comes to mind is the Skydiver. I HATE THE RESTRAINTS ON THOSE THINGS! IT CRUSHES MY CHEST LIKE A MEDIVIAL TORTURE DEVICE. Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA is the only park I know that has that ride ( It's been years since I've last been there, but if they removed that ride and put something else in its place that's more enjoyable for me to ride, then they will have all the applesauce I can give them).


I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!

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The Tango is the only other ride I found to be more intense than a Top Scan.


I think we can all agree that Tango is the most extreme and amazing flat ride ever conceived...




But as far as the worst, that's easy. Gravitrons. F**k Gravitrons.






I'm fully aware that you were not referring to Tango at Great Adventure.

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I personally think those Round-Ups suck, more than when they first came out.


It used to be a real Vertical "almost midnight" ride at it's most intense.

Then, they started "lowering" the angle bit by bit.

I watch it now, and just shake my head.


And Gravitrons just bore the heck out of me.


At last summer's PNE. And it's at it's highest angle. Then, it went down. )o: Disgusting.

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Now, for one of The Most *GASP* Flat Rides Ever created, this is one even I myself, have never - been on!




So you have nothing holding you to the wall. No OTSRs, or belts to keep you "in place."

And then the fun begins, for you AND the next set of riders, who are watching you from above.


I always thought it had the coolest queue ever, bringing the next group of rides up above it,

so they can enjoy seeing others doing it, before they do it. Genius.


How the original ROTOR looked. Perfection in a really intense flat ride!

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