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Orlando's Dixie Stampede CLOSES!

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You know, I've heard of these and the Medieval dinner shows, but haven't payed much attention. So they took the cash and said "we can deal with the relocating grief" eh? By the tone of the article, it sounds like business was ho-hum to the point where they were questioning putting it back in central Florida. Bummer for entertainers, now there's one less venue.


Hope it doesn't hurt your series of regular gigs. Consistent, decent paying gigs are hard to come by.

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The only logical thing they could do is one of the two scenarios:


1) Someone like Arabian Nights (Knights?) bought the building and is re-locating its show to a more prime location. I cannot think of any other show that would fit this venue.


2) A developer bought it, will tear it down, and build more shopping like the Prime Outlets right next door.


Either way, it sucks for the entertainers who are out of work and especially those who moved to Orlando for this show. And it's not like the Dixie Stampede was losing money. They just got such a lucrative offer that they could not refuse. So I can't blame them from a business standpoint.


If someone offered me say $1 million for my house, I would move out before the end of the day!!!


For those who have never gone, here are some pics from when I saw the Christmas show in 2006. LATE January 2006. And they were still running the Christmas show!



Nothing says Christmas like horses in formations!


Wonder how much this backdrop will fetch on Ebay?


The arena


More crap to buy!


One of the many high quality souvenirs available in the gift shop!

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Wow, how shocking! Never been, but I always drive by the place on the way to the Orlando theme parks from Tampa.


I always looked forward to their beautiful Christmas Tree during the holidays.


I wouldn't be surprised either the Outlets will extend or a Time-Share condo will go up.


R.I.P. Dixie Stampede

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Wow, that is a huge surprise. I thought that this one was one of the more successful ones. Now what are they going to do with that huge building?


I know I always thought that was the most succesful out of all of them, I would have guessed Pirates to close first, then Arabian Nights, and then this one. Honestly though, I hate all three, I mean watching them I looked at the animals faces in Dixie and Arabian, and jumping around on a horses back to me just seems like torture. And I mean they would jump from like 5 feet in the air onto a horse, and do flips and tricks on them, I mean how would you like to have someone do that to you! And Pirates just overall was cool but it sucked in a Poseidons Fury kind of way...

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Very sad that all these people abruptly lost their jobs.


I had read before that the Orlando location had attendance problems early on because the tourists down there didn't care for the concept of the show...however I believe that they were doing great by the thrid year or so.


The article states that "the decision to close had nothing to do with a lack of customer interest", so I assume they were given a cash offer on the property that they just couldn't pass up. Hopefully Dolly and crew will build another one there at some point.

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It doesn't matter what time you go by that Orlando premium outlet mall,it's always packed.Is outlet mall shopping nonexistent in South America or Europe,cause you see these tourists leave that place with dozens of bags like if they're giving away merchandise,it's the same way with Sawgrass mills down here in south Florida,I know they used to call Sawgrass Mills the second most popular tourist destination in Florida.I hope if Dixie Stampede is serious about opening in another location in Orlando that they find a good location.

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According to Owens, the company is currently looking to relocate the Stampede. He said the new location may or may not be in Central Florida.


I personally see no reason for them to stay in Orlando. The Dixie Stampede in Orlando is unlike any other. There price was more, probably due to coast of land and taxes. Also the location served alcohol because they found out that the foreign tourist would not visit unless they had it, no other location has ever served alcohol, it was the only Herschend property to serve it. I think they should build elsewhere to where they don't have to conform what the rest of the company is doing to suit one place.

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I am just mad that in the all the time I have lived in Central Florida I have never gotten to see it! My brothers have seen the original show in Tennessee MANY Times and if a 21 yr old boy and a 14 yr old boy say that it is really good and the food is great then it must be worth going to see!!!! I feel bad for the actors as well. And although I am a shopping LOVER.. I think more outlets instead of a dinner show stinks.

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^I really enjoyed Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge as well. I have so far been three times during regular season (2004, 2007-2times) and twice during the Christmas season (2006, 2007) I have enjoyed them every time. The show is always good, the food is just spectacular, and the service is top notch. Recommendation if anyone is going to the Pigeon Forge location sit in I1, I2, or I3 (I believe are the right numbers) and you will get Jennifer she is a wonderful server!

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I am also shocked! I saw it on the local news and my mouth dropped, literally. I went there once and loved it more than what I was expecting. Location, food, service, and the show itself is a really good, fun, family time. If anyone has a chance to see the one in Tennessee, please go because it is an excellent time. You won't regret it!

-Theme Park CEO

(I will really miss their apple turnover. The best EVER!)

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Looks like that buildiing is going to stay empty for a while longer now....




No sale yet for Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede property


When Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede abruptly shut down and laid off 162 workers in early January, the dinner theater's owners said they had sold the attraction in a deal that was too good to pass up.


That deal, it turns out, has fallen apart, leaving the 13-acre lot east of Walt Disney World without a buyer and its fate unknown.


Orlando Premium Outlets, which had considered purchasing the nearby property as part of an expansion, recently said it wasn't interested in the site at 7950 Vineland Ave.


"We never said we were buying it; we said we are looking at it," said Michele Rothstein, a spokeswoman for Chelsea Premium Outlets, a division of mall-owner Simon Property Group and operator of Orlando Premium Outlets.


The mall owner had done its due diligence and wasn't going forward with a deal for undisclosed reasons, Rothstein said. Orlando Premium, one of the most successful outlets in the country, recently completed a 114,000-square-foot expansion that added 40 new outlet retailers.


As for the empty Dixie Stampede, which occupies a high-profile location in Orlando's tourism corridor and can be easily spotted by motorists on Interstate 4, its fate remains unclear.

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