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^That would be horrible to get stuck in It's A Small World.


That was a funny video, and it seemed strange that of all rides it happened on CoP. Having the 1920s commentary playing over and over was enough to drive me crazy, and I wasn't even there. Oh well, probably the best emergency evacuation story I've seen/heard, and it was even better since it was caught on tape.

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I don't have trouble believing it at all! In June of 2002, we were stuck in 1940 for about 4 cycles in a row. Finally the carousel started to progress again, we lived to see granny in her virtual reality glasses.


I was 5 months pregnant at the time and more than happy to sit there in the dark for a while.

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haha, nice video Erik. I got stuck in The Laughing Place on Splash Mountain for 20 minutes one time without the music ever stopping.


It was awsome.


I got stuck in the Haunted Mansion without power. HM without ghosts is far scarier than with O.o

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Same thing happened to my wife and I when we were there in March of 2006. It was stuck in the same era for like three or four repetitions.


We were drunk and just got to the park at like 9 o'clock for Extra Magic Hours until 2 am. There were like 12 people in the theater and we were all making wise-ass comments and singing along. My Vodka-filled wife Cindy thought she was gonna pee her pants.


The highlight of a 10 day, 8 park trip.

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Oh, gosh, that turned out so awesome!

Such an unexpected and interesting experience.


Though I wonder what would have happened if it had gone on for just a little bit longer *thinks*.

Best TPR video I've ever been in!

- Ashley

aka Jack Skellington 101's better half.

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