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List the parks you have visited in 2008

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So Far:

Disney's Magic Kingdom x1

Disney's Animal Kingdom x2

Disney's Hollywood Studios x1

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow x2

Universal Studios Florida x2

Islands of Adventure x2

Six Flags America x4


Coming Up:

Hersheypark x2 (July, October)

King's Dominion x1 (Summer)

Knoebel's x1 (Summer)



Waldameer x1 (Summer)

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So far,we have visited SFA,KD(numerous times,love that Dominator!!),BGE,Hershey,Dorney,Kennywood,SFGAdv,Waldameer and Knoebels. This coming weekend,Robert and 2 of his friends are doing a week-long Southern Coaster trip,but I'm going to meet them in TN for a couple of days. The four of us are going to Dollywood next week.

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So far I have done....


Thorpe 12 times.


Chessington 1 time.


Im going to Cedar point in a few weeks for 4 days.


We also plan on going to waldameer for RF2.


We will do Alton and BPB later in the year. Possible to do Adventure Island at some point too. And a lot more Thorpe trips. And another Chessington on FN's.

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So far this year:



Universal Studios/IOA

Six Flags America

Kings Dominion



I'll be going to Kings Dominion again and Busch Gardens this weekend, Six Flags Great America in July, and all the parks on the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer trip in August, with a Six Flags Great Adventure add on the day after. And if funds allow, I hope to go to Hard Rock Park sometime this year and maybe Epcot again for the Food and Wine festival.

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Magic Kingdom


Disney's Hollywood Studios (just call it MGM)

Animal Kingdom

Universal Studios

Islands of Adventure

Sea World


Busch Gardens Africa

Cypress Gardens

Mt. Olympus

Timber Falls

Little Amerricka

Six Flags Great America

Cedar Point

Canada's Wonderland

Darien Lake

Waldameer Park


Still to come:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Great America

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (possibly)

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Islands of Adventure x2

Universal Studios Florida x2

Holiday World x2

Beech Bend x1

Six Flags Great Adventure x2


Hoping for a SFGAd/SFA/HP trip sometime in September and maybe SoCal in December. Planning on a 5 week Europe trip next summer so I may just scratch any plans for the rest of this year to save for that.

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