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Happy New Year from Philadelphia,PA.! I wish everyone here at TPR a happy safe and healthy 2008. We are getting ready to ring in the new year with our own quirky little parade called The Philadelphia Mummers Parade. The parade is now in its' 107th year and the tradition of mummers dates back to pagan times when the new year was celebrated with dancing and drinking. If you google mummers, it will give you a better explanation of the whole thing. Anyway, there are 4 divisions;the comics, the fancies,the string bands, and the fancy brigades. Each division is judged separately. All divisions walk about 5 miles on Broad Street to the official judging area performing their routines along the way. Our favorite is the string bands which does a 3 minute routine set to a theme and music. The instruments played are saxaphones, banjos,violins,glockenspiels(which looks like a an upright xylophone). The music has a beautiful sound, you have to hear it to appreciate it. All of the clubs that are in the parade are located on 2nd Street(or 2 Street as some people call it) 3 miles long and all along 2nd street everyone opens up their homes for open house and may go in and have a drink or 2 and have something to eat and watch the parade as it comes back home. My husband and I live on this and our home will be open to new years' revelers. It is a little like Mardi Gras. You have to see it to believe it.

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I think last year I was really moody and walked around complaining about life. THIS YEAR IT'S GONNA BE DIFFERENT. I want to live life to the very maximum and just enjoy it as much as I can and I hope everyone will on here too. Last year I was a moron on this forum, Hopefully this year things will change. I would like to wish everyone a perfect 2008. HAVE A GOOD YEAR PEEPS!




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A lot of people spend New Year's Eve getting drunk, driving around, and at clubs. At my house, we play a game of 'Wizard of Oz' Monopoly sometimes, and drink a couple glasses of Martinelli sparkling apple cider as we watch the ball drop. Exciting. We also made sure that the first song we heard wasn't the rap song they had on FOX, so we went to our iPods and played the first song of the new year.




--Eric (Hope this year is better) Bollinger

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