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What is your local park?

Where abouts are you from?  

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  1. 1. Where abouts are you from?

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I'm in Glendale, AZ... Castles N' Coasters is literally only a few minutes away from me.


But it's not really that great of a place (small and expensive) and is in a bad part of the city. The mini golf there is better than the two coasters.

Small revision - This has been my home park since 1995.


Before that, I lived in Ashland, KY. Camden Park (near Huntington, WV) was closest then. They actually have a decent woodie there. It's definitely not the fastest or tallest thing there is, but you get some decent airtime on it!

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(One way trips)

SFDK: about 4 hours

CGA: about 4 hours 45 minutes

SFMM: 8.5 hours

Knott's: 9.5 hours


This may seem like a lot (and it is) but knock off about 1.5 hours each way because that's how long it takes us to drive to the nearest Walmart/mall/shopping center/large movie theater.


I used to live closer to SFDK and went there every year since I was a little kid, so I definitely consider it my home park. I think I will probably still consider it my home park even if I end up going to university somewhere that's technically closer to CGA or SFMM.

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I recently moved to Eastern Connecticut from Houston, TX. So now I'm about equal distance (45ish minutes) from Lake Compounce and SFNE. But what sucks is my best friend back home is an enthusiast, so I always had an excellent park buddy, but now I don't have anyone like that here If anybody around this neck of the woods wants to be my park buddy, send me a message!

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If someone were to ask me what my local park was, I'd probably say Knott's (which I visit most) or Disneyland Resort (which is closest distance-wise). However, by my definition, a local park is any park you can reasonably make a day trip to. In that case, I've got ten.


First, the ones I visit regularly (at least once a year, and have a pass to):


Disneyland/Disney California Adventure Park: 30 minutes

Knott's Berry Farm: 35 minutes

Six Flags Magic Mountain: 95 minutes


Then, the other majors:


Legoland California (try to visit every other year): 50 minutes

Universal Studios Hollywood (usually, I get a pass every three years and visit a couple times in that year): 70 minutes

SeaWorld San Diego (only visit when there's a major addition): 85 minutes


Finally, the minors:


Adventure City (haven't visited in over ten years): 30 minutes

Castle Amusement Park (visit once every few years): 50 minutes

Scandia Amusement Park (visit about three times a decade): 50 minutes


All these times are traffic dependent, but they are approximately how long it takes when there are no delays.

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Now I'm living in Twickenham (for university), Thorpe, Legoland and Chessington are all about half an hour away, by train - but I think I'd say Chessington's my home park.


It's nice to have a home park that isn't generally a sh1thole, hello Drayton...

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I live in Harrisburg, which is right across the river from Hershey and very close to a host of major parks.

Hershey- 20mins

Knoebels- 1.5 hours

Dorney - 1hr 40min

SFGAdv- 2hr 30min

SFA- 2 hours

Kennywood- 3hr 30min

Kings Dominion- 3hr 30min

SFMM- 1 day, 18 hours

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I consider Magic Mountain my home park which is 3 hours away even though California's Great America is only 2 1/2 hours. Maybe it it has something to do with I have a Six Flags season pass and R & E live, used to anyway, down there.


Maybe things will change next year with them gone and my son living in San Jose.

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I don't necessarily think distance dictates your home park.

I've thought of that many times. In my opinion, your home park should be the one you go to the most/feel most connected with. If you live close to a certain park but almost never visit it compared to how often you visit another, how can it be your home park?

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Born and Raised in Houston,TX.


Former home park.



I consider Six Flags Over Texas my home park now even though its 4 hours away.


Kemah and the new Pleasure Pier in Galveston will be my closest parks but they are pretty small.


Still waiting for Earthquest Adventures.

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In my case it would be parks, as I am within three hours of at least three large parks and one small one (Adventure Park in New Market, MD). Closest to me (but not my favorite of the three and I haven't been there in a couple years at least) is SFA, about an hour away. Then there's Hershey and Kings Dominion, both about 2.5 hrs away. SF Great Adventure is a little over 3 hrs away, and Dorney is about that far too. BGE is about 4 hrs away and Kennywood is a little over 4 hrs.


So for day trips I have 4 parks I can get to and back in a day, and 4 that I can do an over-nighter trip when I visit them. That said, I tend to think of KD as my home park, since I go there most often (it is also in my ACE region, whereas Hershey isn't) and a couple of the coasters there are some of my top favorites.

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