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Your Park "To Do List"

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California's Great America

Update Kidz Ville

Get rid of some trees around Demon

Add a nice Mega Slide Tower behind Top Gun

Remove the switch backs for Vortex and replace them with flowers (and a trash can)

Make A Deal With NBC 11 to have a in park Que Line Network

Paint all the rides

Repave the whole parkinglot


add a Jamba Juice instead of the Odwallla stand

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I'll do parks I visited this year.


KNOTT'S: There still some bits of history left in the park. They need to be replaced with an upcharge attraction. Ghost Town is boring, Screamin Squirrel clone should go there.


CEDAR POINT: More places to deposit trash, I don't want to walk half a mile to throw away my cup of delicious Pepsi. Also, if there is a 5% chance of rain on a day, don't open any of the coasters. You never know what might happen.


INDIANA BEACH: Build a new land already.


MOUNT OLYMPUS: One of the ride ops made eye contact with me. This is unacceptable.


SIX FLAGS KENTUCKY KINGDOM: Needs some kind of drop tower.


BEECH BEND: Really needs to go back to its traditional park roots.


SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA: Replace Whizzer with a dual tracked Ragin Cajun.


TIMBER FALLS: Lightning proofing, ever heard of it?


STRICKER'S GROVE: Maybe reducing the operating schedule will allow the rides to be better maintained.


KING'S ISLAND: Perfection! Why mess with the best?


IOA, EPCOT, MGM, DL, DCA: Tear it down. I'm sure they'll be gone the way of Wild West World this time next year, anyway.

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- Do something with the area behind Zulu that used to house the waterslides.


I always pictured that as the area the new GCI woody would go, is that a good enough "doing" of the area?


SIX FLAGS KENTUCKY KINGDOM: Needs some kind of drop tower.


Wow, I just literally laughed out loud, is that bad? Ah well. Nice one Wes.

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SFOT really needs to clean their water features, as they are beginning to smell stagnant and gross. The food court is being spruced up, and Batman is being repainted and those were two things I wanted to happen, so that's good. The facades of the buildings in Looney Tunes Land could use some repainting, though. And they need to do something with the concrete slab where the trampolines used to be back by Shockwave. As they have enough kiddie rides, a fountain could bring some life to the area back there.

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My reply is more for Disney than anything else. I think they should update Tomorrowland (DLR) again. With the White Space Mountain, and alot of the rest of it still Tans, reds and green colors, they need to update. Add either a new peoplemover, or take out the track, and add a ride similar to test track. Take out Honey I shrunk the audience, add Stitch's Great Escape, and Add Electric Autopia cars. Anyone like this idea?

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Adventureland: Getting Adventure Island. That means nothing in 2009.


Worlds of Fun: Obviously, this won't be in 2008, but they should add a good GCI twister in Scandinavia or Africa in '09. In 2010, they should merge with OoF (with an OoF expansion, of course).


Valleyfair!: Nichts für jetzt.


Cedar Point: I hope CP doesn't get anything for 2009. Maybe a restaurant.

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I know these parks have not been mentioned


Funtown USA - replace galaxy with a different coaster that fits in a similar foot print. I have seen several of the older loopers available, look into a silver arrow or double loop I belive their are currently 3 for sale.


Canobie lake - Take 2008 off to put up a GCI twister in 2009.


Lake Compounce - Add the spinning coaster rumored for the last 3 years.


SFNE - Do not remove any more flat rides and possibly add a few for 2009.


TGE - Add the hang and bang but get the new trains / harness system like Moreys has. Use it to replace the jungle walk / Rabbit hunt or call it Hang Man and replace Nightmare

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The only major gripe I've had with a park this year is Walibi World, and my suggestion for them in 2008 would be to start planning on building a new ride, something they haven't gotten since the opening of Goliath in 2002. They've been working on making the park more friendly towards smaller children and adults who aren't interested in thrills, but their mission statement is supposedly about maintaning a park that can be fun for the entire family - and that would include members of said families that LIKE rollercoasters or "intense" flats. So, I think a thrill attraction for 2008/2009 would be appropriate to counter all of the family orientated improvements that have been ocurring since 2005.

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-Camouflage all barbed wire fencing, it really makes the place look trashy.

-Repaint T2 and replace the trains with the new design. That or ax it Flashback style.

-Come up with a few more food options. The selection is fairly bland.

-Take out Top Eliminator (which I think they might be doing anyway)

-Take out Twisted Twins or majorly overhaul the entire area. They never have both sides running and they take up a massive amount of land that is poorly maintained. The poorly landscaped ground really reminds you that you're in Kentucky.

-Replace the Twisted Twins/Top Eliminator area with something good.



-Repaint Mr. Freeze

-Retrack Boss and get something other than G-trains.



-Rehab Hulk. It's getting pretty bumpy.

-Come up with a Starlight ticket.


Holiday World

-Build a major drainage/sprinkler system along the paths in the waterpark. The paving they having is brutal on the feet in the summer sun.

-Bring back some of the charm they once had. It's beginning to feel more and more like a corporate park.



-Five words: World's largest Fascination game hall



-Ax Iron Wolf. It's washed up. What once was a great coaster is now a ride that I refuse to go on and haven't since '05 when I was with somebody who needed the credit.



-Fill the GASM lagoon with Kerosene and throw a match in it. Invite all of Northern GA to watch the massive fire ball. Then build something worthwhile in it's spot, like a compact Intamin woodie. A fire related theme would be humorous.



-Tear down SOB. It was a cool idea gone wrong to the point that it's unfixable.

-Completely overhaul the Beast, Steel Phantom style. Make it a ride worth an hour wait again.


Beech Bend

-Be open when your calendar says you are going to be.


Six Flags in general

-I like BeemerBoy's idea. $15 for parking, plus an oil change and car wash seems about right.

-Quit putting in so many food chains that can be found five minutes down the road. I'm honestly more inclined to pay ridiculous prices for mediocre park food than I am for food that's identical to that of the same restaurant down the street for 1/3 of the price.


Cedar Fair

-Keep coming up with those great names for rides at the former Paramount parks. Don't just stop with the movies! Keep going. How about "Significant Fall to the Ground" for Drop Zones, "UFO sighting" for the Flight of Fears, "Lave Flow" for Volcano, Screw Coaster for any Arrow looper or "Super Swirl" for any coaster named Vortex, "Jive Dancing" for Face/Off, and "Bird Flight" for Top Gun (KI). Better yet, name every coaster or thrill ride after random times of the day, weather conditions, animals, etc. and throw "hawk" on the end. Maybe even consider renaming the Beast to Beasthawk. I think it works.



-Raise the prices a little more. $72 is a freakin' bargain.

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-re-track Eagle and get the new Intamin trains

-add some flat rides that don't spin(dark ride, screamin swing, sky swat, etc.)

-stop adding restaurants that can be found just down the road(I think Panda Express and Cold Stone are just across the street even)

-add a master blaster to the water park


Cedar Fair

-fix ride operations

-add trees


-add trees

-add trees

-remove some trash cans





-come up with some good ride names for rides that are not at Cedar Point or Knotts



-re-track Boss and get new Millennium Flyer trains

-repaint Mr. Freeze

-re-track Eagle



-remove the razor wire

-repaint T2 and get new trains

-add S&S tower

-replace Elimination Dragster with something good

-fix area from Roller Skater to Twisted Twins

-add a new coaster(euro-fighter, spinning coaster, half pipe, etc.)

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Heres my list for KBF



-Get rid of Boomerang and buy Deja Vu from SFMM and put it in Boomerang's place.


-Give Montezuma a little TLC, it is really starting to get bumpy.


-On the other side of the park, away from all the main roller coasters...the need to build a new one. Maybe a B&M floorless. Seriously their is no good rides over their.


-New trains for Ghost Rider. Not only is the rise it's self bumpy, but the trains rattle like heck.


-Do something more to make sure that noone is cutting in line on Ghost Rider. The wrist bands aren't enough


- Re-paint Xcelerator the original red and blue...now it's all faded pink.

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Here's my list.



Get rid of the trims and OTSRs on Revolution

Put new trains on Collosus

Put the double dip back instead of that midcourse brake

Make the speed bump to its original height.

Make Collosus Race

Add a modern flat ride

Lower Dive Devils price from $35.00 to $20.00



Retrack Ghostrider

Add those funky new trains to Boomerang

Get rid if the stupid rain policy.



Get rid of the stupid rain policy

Fire half of the Millenium Force Ride Operators



New Trains for the Giant Dipper



Bring back the Chaos

Replace Westcoaster with a rollercoaster that's actually fun

If the following two things can't be done, then close

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Cedar Point:


* Definitely need a Boomerang and a Wild Mouse.

* Trees made of blacktop and cement that double as trash cans.

* More bird poop on the rides and in the parking lot.

* Bring in the thrilling new game 'Cornholer' from the now defunct sister park - Geauga Lake.

* Remove Millenium Force and TTD for kiddie rides - the park doesn't have enough of 'em.

* Replace Maverick with a dark ride...perhaps 'The Pirate Ride' could be revived???

* Focus more advertising on Mean Streak being a 'Top Ten Wood Coaster.'

* Perhaps bring in 'Villian' and claim that they now have TWO thrilling 'Top Ten Wood Coasters'!

* Two words - 'Wiggle's World'...bring it!!!

* Place 'Double Loop' so it interlocks with Corkscrews first loop - Oooooh!!

* New water ride that utilizes the odor free scents of Lake Erie.

* Renovate the grate before you go up the stairs on Magnum (that now smells like crappy britches) and make it smell like....Lake Erie.

* Run one train on Gemini backwards for a fresh, innovative treat.

* Remove OTSR on Mantis for those that claim it is too rough.

* Bring back Trabant, Bayern Curve, and the Rotor for more hot flat ride action!

* Bring back Jungle Larry's and Oceana in smaller locale's so they can cram in more rides, yet still have that "animal/family friendly atmosphere."

* Special interactive exhibit - "Lake Flies: Erie's fastest growing phenomena!!!!"

* The "Lake Flies' exhibit will also feature a 'Andrew Zimmern - Bizarre Foods' tasting area, just in case you didn't quell your appetite on the high speed thrill coasters.

* Last, but certainly not least - more cheese on a stick w/cheese sauce stands...PLEASE!!!!!

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(whatever stupid Cedar-Fair name) Great America:


*Open all of the watersides in the water play area. Yes, it will cost you $20 per hr for each of the slides (they need 2 lifeguards per slide), but I like the best watersides in the park.


*On that note, build some more slides, maybe one of thoughs cool racing type slides the other Great America has, or a Tornado, or a Deluge, something...


*Make the food....taste good.


Magic Mountain:


*Move X's crew to Tatsu and use both stations (hanging for 3 min isn't fun)


*AC more then just Superman's line, so we can be cool waiting for something good.


Disneyland/California Adventure:


*Single rider on Space Mountain/Indy please.


*"Guest without bags" line, like....every other Disney park


*NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL STUFF!! It might make a ton of money, but it really is....annoying. (maybe the caps will make them see my pain)


*Make Nemo worth the wait

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For all parks:


Give the ride ops/security/heck even cleaning crew...tasers. So when a park guest is acting up, line cutting, throwing garbage on the ground when there is a trash can next to them, etc. They can be disciplined.


Since I'm sure that Disney might have a problem with this idea...maybe they can install a timeout room instead.

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Kings Island


Shade the entire Firehawk queue. It gets intensely hot there in the summer.

Scrap SoB. It's still horrific. Nothing they did helped the ride.

Lots of new wood on Racer, it's never been so rickety.

Run all the effects on Italian Job (this won't happen, but it'd be nice)

Do not remove any trees, Cedar Fair.

Lighten up on the trim on Flight of Fear


Cedar Point


Plant many, many trees.

Bring back the freeway stamps.

For 2009: Flats before coasters, make the park more well-rounded


Geauga Lake


A new roller coaster. Oh, nevermind.

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