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Photo TR: Dollywood 12/29 River Battle Construction Pics!

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I went to Dollywood yesterday. It was crazy crowded. I rode Thunderhead and it was running awsome for how cold it was.

I rode the train just for construction pictures. River Battle construction is comming along well foundation for the pond of it has been poured and a building has gone up. They are putting siding up on the back of Blazing Fury.

After the train I went to eat dinner we ate turkey legs and they were so good! After that we went to ride Blazing Fury but it was closed for unknown reasons. So I went and rode Tennessee Tornado and I relized how close Mystery Mine and the who Timber Canyon was.

Then we went to ride the simulator to get warm. They have put up new LCD TV's in the preshow. The ride was normal as always. When I got off it was dark so I went to get night rides on Thunderhead.

Thunderhead at night is 100% better at night! Its just amazing! Everyone should get to ride this at night! But it got below 45 so they took a train off and the wait got painfully long! So it was around 8:00 and I was Dollywoodgal in the forums who works Thunderhead.

She is really nice and told me the park wasnt closing at 9 but staying open till 10 and they wernt going to announce it!! I was so happy! So a little before 9 the park started to clear out! I went and rode Blazing Fury twice then went to go ride Mystery Mine. I cant wait for the connector next season!

Mystery Mine is also very cool at night. On the tressal I saw that River Battle is really close to Mystery Mine. The big drop is cool at night because there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There was no wait by then so I got to ride it 4 times on the same train. I went to ride Thunderhead again and a wait that was only in the station took 20 minutes because of the one train operation.

Well heres pictures mostly construction pictures.[/b]


Only Picture of the lights


Gristmill didnt come out too well


The overbank


The loop


Tornado going up the lift




Construction from Tornado


Craftmans Valley


Tunderhead and Timber Canyon




Another picture of River Battle.


Heres River Battle. You can see how close it is and the building.


The bottom path is the connector. You can see the siding going on the back of Blazing Fury.


The loop nat the top of the train tracks.


Heres a picture of Thunderhead. I missed the train. O well

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After 9 the line went down but it was still 15 minutes to ride with one train. Thanks for telling me about staying open till 10!


I got my on-ride picture of my first Thunderhead night ride. Im in the back in the blue hoodie. Eyes closed due to coming from absolute darkness into bright flash isnt that nice! I also think the guy in front of me is pricless. Who knew someone could be that scared of Thunderhead!


Me on Thunderhead night ride. Back row in blue hoodie.

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Looking good! I wonder what that is going by the Bird Show? Resturant?


The back of Blazing Fury is looking nice too!


I dont know if ill be going to Dollywood again. Im moving to Texas and we would only have the passes for about 3 months before we moved. I will really miss this park. I will really miss Thunderhead which is one of my favorite coasters in general.


Ill be getting Six Flags passes when I move out there.

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Looking good! I wonder what that is going by the Bird Show? Resturant?


According to another page on the Dolly Mania website, the construction is for a new eagle exhibit building. Previously the birds [used in the show] were taken out of the park every evening after the shows were done. Now they will be placed in the new facility so guests can get a look at them after the show.


The lye soap shop that use to be there will be moved to the Wilderness Pass area.


EDIT: Since this starts page 2, I'll repost the photo links:


Pics 1

Pics 2

Pics 3

Pics 4

Screamscape Pics

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