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Let's build our own park, only using extinct attractions:

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Here are some more screenshots:


The first 2 are of Steel Dragon 2000, which I'm still not happy with. Still WAY too many forces and I can't get the layout exact with the limtations of the game. I think it's as close as I can get it though.


The second set are of Shockwave.


Shockwave queue and station




Steel Dragon Queue and Station


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I don't think these have been mentioned yet..


Oaken Bucket from Carowinds ( a rotter ) I loved that ride!


Little Rock-N-Roller Coaster from Opryland (hey the kids got to have something to ride) plus it was my first coaster.


Chaos - Opryland



The special effects were cheesy, but it was way ahead of it's time.

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King Cobra of course. I dont care if its a TOGO death machine, I loved that ride....Also, for flats, a chaos or gravitron. I dont know if theyre are any defunt or extinct ones though....


edit: apparently kc's allready in there ^^; BUT, I have some comments on the layout in RCT2...

*there is a drop going into the helix

*between the hill after the helix and the turnaroun, that flat track tilts to the right for a trick track segment

*the line is like a box inside of the layout. they start on the outside of it, go under the lift hill, then weave through some switchbacks on the inside of the layout before climbing up a short flight of stairs to the station.


about the park itself, which version of RCT2 are you using? normal? Wacky worlds? Or TIme twisters?

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