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Let's build our own park, only using extinct attractions:

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^nice one! I should have thought of KC; I loved it as well.


Now, not only could we get THIS coaster, but also the park as well!


Rollercoaster, from Witchita's Joyland park. I should have visit one more time before heading west.


thank rcdb for the pic

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Awesome suggestions everyone.


I started the RCT2 park yesterday, well just did the basic of basic landscaping.


I named the park RetroLand for now, I will try and post some screenshots tomorrow.


What I do need though is a extinct Locomotive ride, because, after all, what's a park without a train??? Plus I want a train in the park, damnit!!!


I built the RCT2 park the biggest I can get it, and got the most $$ I could get. If anybody wants to help work on it, let me know. We can pass it around, add some stuff and pass it back. Y'know. Could be cool.


I figured I would start on the easy ones, Flashback, Shuttle loops, etc. I also want to do Steel Dragon 2000 pretty quick since it will probably be the premier ride. I just need to find more pics and stats, etc.


Any suggestions on Landscaping? Should we just have it all flat or do you think we need mountains, lakes, etc.

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Okay, here are the first few screenshots from the park.


They include the parks entrance, the Mountain I made and our first coaster: Flashback. (It's already in the game, and therefore easy)


I also made the railroad, not the same design as the Alton Towers Railway, but they are the same trains.




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Any suggestions on Landscaping? Should we just have it all flat or do you think we need mountains, lakes, etc.


I think it should be relitivly flat, but with a hill here and there for realism...also a lake here and there is always good...a trees are a must...every park has them!!

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^ Good one.


But remember, with rides like Peoplemoves and trains, when I put them into the park, they won't have the same layout, they will just be peoplemover-esque ...


I worked on Steel Dragon a bit today. It's kind of a hard ride to do because of the restrictions in the game. I got the heights as close as I could get them, but the forces on the ride are WAY too high. I may have to shorten the drops for intensity sake.


The other problem I had is there really aren't any good pics of the beginning and end of the ride on RCDB. If anybody knows where to find some more pics of it, let me know.


Also, if anybody wants to design some of the rides for the park on the Coaster Designer and use them in the park, let me know. That's how I do all my rides before I put them into the park anyway.

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