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Let's build our own park, only using extinct attractions:

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Okay, so here is the idea I have.


Let's take all of the extinct rides from around the globe, throw them in one park and relive the past. And let's also see if we can make the park something we would want to visit.


Here are the rules:


The ride must either be extinct or SBNO for over 1 year


The ride does not need to be a coaster. It can be any type of ride.


That's it. Have fun!!! I'm almost thinking I may try and do an RCT2 park with the suggestions. So, if anybody has, or knows where to find RCT2 tracks of extinct attractions, holla!!!


We also need a name for our park ... suggestions?


Okay, so for our first attraction:


Steel Dragon 2000


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Shockwave from SFGAm. Although it had SOME headbanging, it was a coolride. On its last year I was going to ride in the front seat when it broke down, then it never opened for the rest of the day. Then I didnt ride it at all the rest of the year when it was closed for ever.



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I'm throwing in Flashback from SFMM. I loved that ride, nothing else like it. So what if it's a little rough, still a great ride, I know Ellissa would agree.



gotta love the diving loops!!!

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