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In California in the beautiful Yosemite there has been a rumor that a park might be built by a new park company called Gravites. The owners just said this. "The park will not be open for some time even though we already have two roller coasters done as well as a log flume. The park is going to emphasize everything outside from Forests to mountain ranges. The parks two coasters are both well themed said a CJ Morton who is the current owner of Gravitex. Rocky Mountain Malestrome is the name of a new B&M Hyper Twister coaster that takes you through some pretty close shaves around large rocks. The ride offers guests the chance to feel like they are about to hit the rocks but also gives guests a lot of airtime. The other ride, also designed by B&M is called Vampire Bat. This coaster flys through a forest performing five inversions while the cars narrowly escape being hit by trees. Their will also be a log flume called American River Adventure. This park sounds amazing and we cant wait to give it a try. The park will open as early as late late 2007 but construction may take all the way to January 2008. We as the Yosemite Times sent our best photographer Chris Henderson to get some exclusive pictures of the park. So far it looks great. Here are some pictures.



Give me a review tell me if you want more. Tel me I am a bad park designer. Do whatever I really don't care just please comment.


Updates tend to come faster if you comment or review.


A teaser for my new catastrophe canyon section ride


The ride is testing


A B&M invert called the Bat


Wow the American River Adventure looks Great


Wow a well themed B&M hyper

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Yeah I'm kind of a beginner. This is only my second park I have posted but when I play I dont usuaully add any theming. This is my first real theming try. I am pretty good at making rides but the reason the invert is like this is becasue I tried to build a ride around the trees. Expect more to come later.


Thriller you are right. I love Batman the ride so I kind of tried to avtuaully theme it and since its owned by Six Flags I could not steal the name. But

I made it so the layout would be similar.


MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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