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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Glad you enjoyed Tusenfryd. Yeah it's a nice park. But if you think the air-time on Thundercoaster is insane now, you should have ridden it in the first or the second season. It was more than insane. Anyways glad you enjoyed Norway. Too bad you didn't see the polar bears and oil rigs. Maybe next time


Have a nice day at LiseBerg, something I'm absolutely sure you will have. It's an amazing park.

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Awesome video Tom.


But, I can't help but think that the original version of that song would have been better for that group.


For those who don't know, the song was originally titled "Let's get Retarded" but Black Eyed Peas were pressured into changing it.


Tom, if you want the original version, let me know. It's the same exact song except for the "Started" part.

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Hello everybody.

Got home some time ago from a great Liseberg visit.

Nice to meet you all at the park for some fun times. It just came a "little" rain during the day. But it was a good thing because of the extra speed on the coasters and better feeling overall (the best rides on the coasters I have ever experiensed at Liseberg).


Looking forward to see some of the pictures from Liseberg.

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For those who don't know, the song was originally titled "Let's get Retarded" but Black Eyed Peas were pressured into changing it.


I really did not know that. I have to admit, that I knew the song from the Apple iLife Commercial and did not know there was an original version. Down here in Europe we are not used to adult & mainstream versions of the same piece. But we are also used to lots of f-words and boobs on tv (as Robb happily found out )


But as I have synched the music to the picture frame by frame I do not think it would be a good idea to exchange the soundtrack. Nevertheless thanks for the offer.

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Hey Tom, Maybe you can help Robb with his video editing skills


Well -- after finishing just about 7 Minutes of video (I do not do this very often) -- I realize once again, what great achivement it's to produce a dozen of full-lenght Coaster-DVDs, without a single boring sequence in it, like Robb and Elissa do.

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For those who don't know, the song was originally titled "Let's get Retarded" but Black Eyed Peas were pressured into changing it.


But as I have synched the music to the picture frame by frame I do not think it would be a good idea to exchange the soundtrack. Nevertheless thanks for the offer.


It's still called "Let's Get Retarded but only on the album "Elephunk"


I love that Walibi Video.. Articulating River Rapid cars?? We need some of them in the Uk!

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Day Six: Liseberg.


O M F G - - B A L D E R!!!!!


Wow...I mean....WOW


That how you describe, that's how your face looks when Balder SLAMS into the brake run.


It's incredible. It's a #1 woodie. Is is *thee* #1 woodie!


What can I say? We came here psyched about Kanonen, the parks new Intamin Rocket coaster, and came away thinking "Yeah, that was good and all....but Balder....OMFG!!!!"


I wasn't too sure what to expect with Balder other than I knew that Colossos at Heide Park was GREAT and could this be better? I mean, YEAH! If I had to rank my woodies, Balder would be #1, Colossos would be #2, and Phoenix would be #3. That is how good Balder is!


If you've been on SROS and know what "SROS Airtime" means, then when I tell you that Balder has "SROS Airtime" on like 7 different hills, you can imagine how amazing this ride is.


It blew us all away.


I'll post photos and videos of it and you guys can see for yourself.


Oh, and what about Kanonen? It's good...I mean, it's really good, and for it's little size it packs quite a punch especially through those wicked turns and the airtime hill. It's no XLR8R or Storm Runner, but still it's good. But when Balder is right next door, even XLR8R or Storm Runner would be pale in comparison!


And let's not forget about that Schwarzkopf mine train they have! Could very well be one of the best Schwarzkopf's I've been on! It's right up there with Shock Wave, Mindbender, and the original version of Revolution.


As for the park itself, it's really an amazing, beautiful place. Just as with all the other parks in Europe, there isn't a park in America that looks like this place. The entrance areas with all the buildings and shops looks like something out of Disneyland's Main Street, but not as 'plastic' looking. This is the real deal, not the replica.


The park is clean, well landscaped, and the most important part, has the best looking female staff we've ever seen! It's important to point this out because the best looking female employee at SFMM wouldn't even be the worst looking chick here. Wow. To quote Joey "Sweden is where they breed porn stars!"


Other cool things we noticed was lots of McDonalds everywhere! This made Elissa VERY happy as we ate the McDonalds near our hotel 3 times!!! :shock: And you know what? We saw the hottest looking chick WORKING AT THE MCDONALDS!!! We love this place!


The park treated us all really well and we were able to strap our lipstick camera onto all the coasters so we'll have some really awesome POV footage for you all on our next round of DVDs!


We also met up with some TPR readers Martin and Rob (Hi guys) who are also representing www.coasterforce.com as well as some of the local coaster enthusaists from the area (I'm horrible with names, sorry!) We had a great time and thanks for showing us the park!


In total we had two days at Liseberg since we got there around 6pm last night. We're glad we did because the weather was awesome last night...a little rainy today. Not quite "typhoon weather", but certainly a bit wet!


Sweden has it all...Great Coasters, lots of McDonalds, and hot chicks!


Ok, now onto some photos!


Hot Chicks everywhere...even working at the McDonalds!


Dan and Joey are hanging with the WRONG crowd!!!


...ahh, they have accepted us into their culture!


...just trying to fit in...


Here I am hanging out with the locals...


Group photo in the mirror maze!!!


Put your crap...er...I mean skräp in here!


Why do we always get stuck riding all the spinning rides???


Martyn captured all of the crazy bumper car antics on video.


Apparently, Sweden has dinosaurs wandering around the country.


Day two was a little wetter than our visit the night before.


Here's a good shot of Balder's layout. Every hill you can see there produces ejector airtime.


But this was just rediculous, sick, crazy, insane...whatever word you use to describe it.


Kanonen had some really great airtime moments too. Over the tophat, the bunny hull, the "twisty thing"...wow.


We thought Thunder Coaster had awesome airtime, but Balder is in a totally different leauge.


And the third full sized coaster also kicked ass! This park probably has the best ratio of AWESOME coasters on the whole trip!


And this one was good too!


OMG!!! What can I say, this is the best ride ever!!!


At the Liseberg hotel, Dan and Joey had their own loft! What was that crash noise heard at 3am guys? =)

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So are you at the hotel in Copenhagen now?


Ahhh, now I regret even more missing Liseberg by inches last time Themeparkdenmark had a trip there. I didn't know Balder was quite that good.


Ohhh and: Looking forward to meeting y'all tomorrow. Once again, I have to get up too early for my liking. :/

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I always thought Balder looked pretty cool...and I wondered why it had slipped on Mitch Hawker's poll from #1 to #7 in just a year...I figured maybe it had gotten rough like Gwazi or something. I really like the look of those Intamin wooden trains, too. They seem a lot like the Intamin hyper trains. Being someone who knows what SROS airtime is all about, this makes me really psyched for Gadv's Intamin woodie next year!

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^ Well, I'm really hoping we can help move it back up Mitch's poll! I'm not sure why it fell either. Other than I think I remember some people complaining that it felt too much like a steel coaster and not a wood coaster and they didn't like that.


IMO, I'd much rather have my woodies smoother and full of airtime than bone-jarring and rough and going to hell, like it seems most CCI's are these days.



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^Yeah, people say that about Colossos at Heide Park all the time...that it feels more like a steel coaster than a wood coaster. But I'd agree, I'd rather have them smooth than overly rough...but a little roughness is nice sometimes. I'm sure they're not "B&M smooth".

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Cheers for the great day guys. Shame about the weather, but at least we still managed to make the most of it. Made for an interesting day to say the least, with the torrential downpours and all though, and despite us leaving early, we still missed the last bus back to the airport!


I hope to make a trip back there sometime soon, as i've found a new love, and it's called Balder.

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