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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Aaahhh… A BJL video and I can’t see this one at work… Need to wait until I get home and that wont be for another couple of hours… (work *****… but I guess it pays for my park tickets)


Looking forwards to more reports of this great trip… but I guess the BJL dark ride has not been pushed of the “most awesome rides ever” list

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Realy great movie !


nice music too.


I like the way you switch between rides, both large & small rides. In the most movies we get some footage of the coasters and major thrillrides but you've managed to include de smaller flat- and waterrides without getting a movie that's boring after 30 secs. Good job!

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Great Photos and TR's guys! I'm glad you guys are continuing to have a great time, it sounds like alot of fun, and all of the parks are looking wonderful. Walibi World looks fun, and I can see why Joey and Dan dont understand why they made more of them after that!


Great video also, I can now see why Typhoon looks alot more like Volcano, the heartline rolls are nice and smooth and go over it at a fairly slow speed, but yet being at a fast inclined speed (MUCH like Volcano).


Keeping having a great time, everything sounds and looks great!


-Justin "Elissa Im sorry they outdid you on the Bonfante Garden spinning clone!!!"

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Hey everyone,


Again I am having some internet trouble as the inroom wifi is down at the Liseberg hotel. Since our last update, we have been to Farup, TusenFryd, and an evening at Liseberg. For now I will post the Farup photos and we will do an update for the other parks later.


Day Four: Farup Sommerland or “The Knoebel’s of Europe!”


I don’t even know where to begin here….this place was incredible! Let me first say that if you’re looking for a park with 200 foot hyper coasters and nothing but thrills, Farup isn’t going be your thing, but if you want a park that is nothing but wall to wall fun, great coasters, some of the coolest non-coaster attractions we’ve ever seen in a very relaxing, family atmosphere, this is your place!


Why do we call it the “Knoebel’s of Europe?” It’s simple, if you know what makes Knoebel’s one of the best parks in America, then it’s the same things that make Farup one of the best parks we’ve visited in Europe. Let’s draw some comparisons here:


They both have:


- A good wooden out and back coaster

- Awesome pizza!

- VERY efficient operations (Falken dispatched in seconds!)

- The parking lot is PACKED when you get there, yet the lines for the rides are very light.

- Campground and picnic areas within and near the park.

- “Hassle-Free” environment.

- Lots of “play areas”

- Friendly staff

- Waterpark slides within the park.

- The park has a gorgeous setting full of trees.

- The park is in the middle of nowhere and on the entire road trip there you ask yourself “Are you SURE there is an amusement park around here?” and then when you get there, there is a million people there!


Anyway, so let’s talk about Falken for a moment. We didn’t know what to expect from this medium-sized L-shaped out and back woodie. It’s an S&S/Arrow wooden coaster with the new style 3-bench Gerstlauer trains. The ride was GREAT! It’s not the tallest, not the fastest, but it doesn’t need to be. In fact, this coaster reminded me a LOT of Timber Terror at Silverwood, and that coaster has been on my favorites list ever since it opened. There was airtime on every hill, a cool little tunnel going into the turnaround, and although there was a bit of a shuffle in the helix, that didn’t detract from an overall great coaster. And with only a 42” height restriction, it meant that families could all ride together.


The other two coasters in the parks collection was a Reverchon Crazy Mouse (which Elissa LOVED because we were able to get it to spin a A LOT!) And a large model Vekoma Roller Skater (same model as Cedar Point and Islands of Adventure)


But the best thing about this park wasn’t the coasters and it wasn’t even the rides! It was all the ‘play areas’ which, in a US park wouldn’t exist thanks to the sue-happy American attitude.

There are trampolines everywhere! Tons of areas where you can bounce around, climb, run, and have a great time. But most of these aren’t your normal trampoline like you’d see in a backyard, this is bigger “park stuff.” You’ll have to see the photos to see what I’m talking about.


Then there is the Obstacle Course. At first glance this looked very basic, something we’d thought we’d run through in about 15 minutes. And then about 15 minutes into it, we realized this course would challenge most Survivor contestants! Everything from huge mazes to monkey bars that go over a river…the same river where the paddle boats drive through, and if you can’t make it across…YOU FALL IN!!! :o


There were tons of slides, nets, a really awesome zip line, and even two areas where you had to pull your group across a lake on a raft using a rope! It was awesome!


On top of all that the park was really awesome to us letting us get as much footage we needed, even from the top of Falken’s lift hill while the ride was cycling.


Needless to say, we had an incredible day here and we highly recommend this park if you are planning any Europe trips anytime soon.


Oh, and if not for the parks in Denmark, do it for all the hot chicks! Joey keeps saying “I swear this place breeds super models!” He should know as one of the hot chicks in the obstacle course called him “Chicken” for not doing the monkey bars over the water!


Now onto a few photos from today…


The tunnel reminded me a lot of "Tremors"


While it was cool taking pics of the coaster, I'm kind of wondering what that seductive look from the girl in the front seat was for! She must have been looking at Dan! =)


They even let us take turns dispatching trains!


Here we are on the lift!


The view from the lifthill was amazing! This coaster reminds me a LOT of Silverwood's Timber Terror.




And don't forget about the Crazy Mouse. (Dan and I got it to spin a LOT!! Elissa loved that!) =)


Now back to the coasters....did we mention that Falken was great?


So she goes one more time just to show him up! All Dan can think is "I Love Denmark!!!!" =)


...this is as far as he got! So that girl proceeded to make "chicken" noises at him!!!! LOL! This was the best thing of the trip! A hot danish chick making fun of Joey!!!


Joey sees this girl take on the monkey bars over the lake with EASE. So to try to show how much of a man he is, he gives it a try....


Timing is critical because these DO actually sink!


Time to ride the zipline.


...Don't fall Elissa!!!


...we have to pull ourselves across the lake...


There are lots of mazes and caves...


Here we are going into the obstacle course. "This should be easy!" we think....um....we were wrong!


And this is why it would not be allowed in America!


We called this the "bouncy thing of death!" (note that both Elissa and Joey are in the air thanks to my bounce!)


We told you there were a lot of things to bounce on at this park!

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Ahhh, nothing like hearing that out parks actually compares to their US counterparts. I am still a little scared that my beloved home park doesn't live up to expectations... Well, it got B&M. What more can you ask for?


And don't worry Joey. People from Copenhagen isn't as cool and sporty and monkey-bar-mastering as their Jutland relatives.

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I really like your reports. Just reading them makes me happy too...

and it makes me wanna go there too.

Sometimes the smaller parks, where you don't expect much, are the places where you have the most fun. Such surprises are always a great pleasure.


The last time I had this, was when I visited Hansa Park in 2001, 15 years after my last visit. It seems, that the park doesn't offer much, but we ended up having a wonderful day. You'll see when you get there. Unfortunately you didn't plan much time for this (according to your scedule).


Hope, you continue having so much fun around here.

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Awwwwwe man! Hot chicks in Denmark, and I choose to stay here in PA and go to the likes of Williams Grove, Idlewild, Sesame Place, Knoebels, DelGrosso's, and then out to Branson. Forget this going to school for 6 years, getting a great job, and having lots of money but no vacation time, I'm going to Denmark!


<-----User packs his duffel bag, grabs his passport, and heads to the airport.



OK, well maybe not now, but I really regret not being able to go. I'll have to put Denmark on my list of places to visit once a cure for cancer is found and I'm out of a job.


Glad you guys are having fun. Bring me back a hot chick!


Derek- I'd totally have done the monkey bars; possibly fallen in the water, but at least the hot chick woulda laughed at me.

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The ARROW/S&S woodie was great? Wow, times sure are a changin'! Honestly, the falling apart Arrow getting sued by Six Flags may have given them new life in that now they are a part of S&S, they are building awesome coasters...Powder Keg, and now Falken! This new ownership/partnership between S&S Power and Arrow Development seems to be a hit, at least for the ACE'rs and enthusiasts.

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Wow! This park really sounds amazing and like a place I want to visit (maybe someday? I mean I haven't even got to the Knoebel's of America!)


The obstacle course looks/sounds insane, Im surprised they had all the cool stuff that they had there, it kindof reminded me of something you would find at a camp or child's play area, which is cool I guess..


The S&S/Arrow Woodie looks cool, the tunnel is neat how it has the shadow smashed of the guy going in, and it might be one of their better wooden coasters...


Glad you guys are having fun, keep the updates comin'!


-Justin "Who wants a Denmark chick too"

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Nice report Rob

And the woody has Gerstlauer trains (german) these give a great seat.

I've been here last year and loved it also a lot.

How about the vekoma junior Rob?

Also they have a nice rapid with some ok theming around it.

I'm looking forward to hear what you think from bon bon land since it was te strangest park i've ever seen.

Enjoy 8)

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Day Five: TusenFryd


So our day stated out on a boat...a ferry to be exact! After Farup Sommerland we boarded our "overnight Ferry" going from Hirstalls to Larvik. A couple hours drive later on Norwegian roads and we were at the park!


When we arrived, we met with the park's operations director who took us around to film on all the coasters and the space shot before the park opened.


First up was Thunder Coaster! We had heard really mixed reviews of this ride, and all I can say is OMG! Vekoma can do two things right...kiddie coasters and Woodies! This one was the roughest of the three we rode (the other two being Loup Garoup and Robin Hood), but DAMN, the airtime on this ride is CRAZY!!! It wasn't rough like "Ghostrider" rough where you feel each bolt as the train goes through the track, which is good, but it did have a couple of good jolts.


Other than that, the ride was GREAT! We rode about 7 or 8 times, and we even got to strap the lipstick camera on the front of the train which resulted in some GREAT pov!


We also did the Vekoma Loop-Screw, which, you know, as expected. A fun ride, good for this park, but nothing amazing. The space shot was fun, and so was the "worlds smallest coaster!" And yes, it actually was a credit!


Then was "Super Splash" the Mack water coaster. This is certainly debatable if counts as coaster or not. Elissa and I not because IMO it's a 'water ride' but Joey who is more of a credit whore than we are will count it!


The ride was awesome! It really is a splashdown boat, with a little drop in the beginning, then a REALLY good drop followed by a bunny hill into the water. And when you hit the water you don't get soaked like you do on most splashdown boats. You get wet, yes, but not drenched! So yeah, a water coaster with two good drops and you don't have to get your underwear soaked. Works for us!


We spent most of the day doing the rest of the park, even was allowed to get our camera onto the skycoaster. This was Dan's first ever skycoaster and we still can't believe he had to go all the way to Norway to do one!


On a sad note, we didn't see any oil rigs or polar bears as expected having been on Epcot's Norway attraction! (We did see a troll though, other than Joey!)


Onto some photos!!!


Joey and the troll! He feels at home now. =)


Every European park seems to have crazy fun slides of death!


But it's this second drop that uses the terrain to make it longer than the first drop and it also gives INSANE airtime!


Thunder Coaster's first drop reminds me a lot of Hersheypark's Wildcat.


Luckily we didn't get THAT wet!


It's not called "Super Splash" for nothing!


Dave is all prepared to ride!


Ahh, Super Splash! The best ever splashdown boat!


The "Japp" Space Shot!


Here you can see the entire layout of the ride. It uses the terrain really well and it has INSANE airtime!!!


That little camera taped to the front of the ride will capture all that INSANE airtime!!!


Thunder Coaster! Insane airtime! A little rough...but did I mention *INSANE* airtime????


Wow! A somewhat good photo of the two of us!


TusenFryd welcomes Theme Park Review!


Here we are crossing from Denmark to Norway! (Where are the oil rigs???) =)


The cabins were nice, but this is no cruise ship!


Here we about about to board our mini-van into the ferry!

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