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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Great updates, guys! These TR's are making me miss Europe a lot. I'm really upset that I forgot to do Walibi Belgium's flume! Dammit. It looks fun.


One thing that should be mentioned, however, about the "Vekoma woodies": from what I've heard, Robin Hood and Loop Garou were designed by Allott & Lomax (awesome engineers!), and the trains and hardware were done by Vekoma. So I think these great woodies can be, at least, partially credited to Allott & Lomax - don't wanna give Vekoma TOO much credit . Allott & Lomax also did Tusenfyd's Thundercoaster, I believe (along with the Antelope and the Big One modifications).


Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your updates!




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Allot and Lomax did Thundercoaster, while Stand Company made Robin Hood and Loop-Garou. Thats why Thundercoaster is completely different from those two rides (probably alot rougher too). I belive Vekoma actually had very little to do with these rides. Probably just the trains and the technical stuff like brakes and such.

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Did you guys like the bumper cars? OMG they are the worst I've ever done! Slooowwww....


And what are the rules on americain bumper cars?

American bumper cars are even SLOWER (unless you are at Knoebel's!) and everyone has to travel in the same direction, and there is no head on collisions.


--Robb "Best bumper cars in Belgium!" Alvey

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Your TR was a good read as always.

It reminds me that my last visit to WB lies four years back (it was raining all day) and I still haven't ridden Curse yet.


The Picture of Loup Garou is very beautiful too. "Lifthill" Pictures are always good for me.


Hope you enjoy Bobbejahnland as you did WB today.

You should visit the enclosed children play area and look out for a large clown-"animatronic" on a chair. When you pass it, it starts laughing in a very "catchy" way. We discovered it by accident several years ago and spent about 15 minutes in front of it, starting it over and over again. We were laughing all the time till our stomachs hurt. It was the best part of that day.

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Hey guys!!! That's great, but i've got a problem!!! I sent you an e-mail just before your start of the europe trip, but i had no answer...and so, i don't have your cell-phone number, and i don't know how i will meet you in Mirabilandia on the 29th!!! Please, try to reply to me when you are on the net, in some way! Thanks!




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I went on some "no rules" bumper cars (aka. Dodgems) when I was in the UK a year ago. They were at a travelling fair in Wandsworth Commons (London). The operator would stand up, drive backwards, and just act dangerously. The ironic thing was he growled at me for going backwards myself (it's fun though, but he should practice what he preaches).


The travelling fair itself was kind of "ghetto". They had a strange truck mounted rocket motion simulator that just went up and down, rotated a little bit and played a poor quality weird movie. They had ride operators who were more interested in their cigarettes than collecting money from paying customers. In addition, they had "Magic Kingdom" displays, aka "Disney Lawsuit".


Also, when I went to the UK in 1999, Thorpe Park was really run down (every ride broke down when we were there), maybe it's gotten better. Are you guys going there?

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Always nice to see good comment on parks in your neighbourhood


Too bad I'm in the middle of my exams, I would have tagged along otherwise, since I read westcoaster a lot.


Hope you like Bobbejaanland too, I visit it multiple times each year.


PS: be sure to have some Belgian beers, makes Budweiser taste like sewerwater

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