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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Bandit rough?

It's my no.1 woodie (with 2 Vekoma's and 1 kiddie behind it).. if I now wan't to ride SoB, I don't have to worry for roughness, if this ride is already rougher.


But great pics, I really need to go to Toverland I think .


djrappa wrote:

Interesting to see that you guys rode the water/dark ride at Movie Park. This ride is said to be a clone of Bermuda Triangle down here from my Seaworld Australia video...


It's almost the same, I saw it on the video of SeaWorld too, but I think thge Seaworld version is better themed, in Movie Park the Volcanos are small and almost half yellow..

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Bandit is very rough indeed. But at the end of a day, preferably with a wet track, it can be fun nonetheless.


Bermuda is very similar to the ride in Australia, but has more smoke and effects along the course...yet no "giant head" or near the final drop.

And the general quality of the rides is twice as good in Australia...seems like an unlimited budget down under.


Looking forward to a Phantasialand report. Very old & classic rides combined with ultramodern exclusive stuff.

No "never-in-America" things though...maybe the "Michael Jackson Thrill Ride" name tag. Hehe... 8)

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After seeing the "Survival Course" pictures, I am convinced you guys need to apply for the next "Amazing Race"...Elissa looked like she knew what she was doing!!


Also, why is Elissa always making those "I am going to attack you with my angry claws" faces in the group shots???


That "bike" ride looks like fun. I've seen a lot of rides that I wish we had over here in US.



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Glad to see everyone is having a good time. Toverland looks pretty sweet, and its good to know that if Movie Park isn't crowded, Toverland can be included in the same day. This may come in handy next year when I go to Germany. Enjoy your time at PhantasiaLand, I'm looking forward to another update.


All clear....Dispatch, enjoy your ride,


Derek- never thought the day would come where I'd want to go to a park with only 2 credits, both of them being Vekomas

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Hey Robb,

great update. I really liked the pictures!


I want to say: Thank you so much for these wonderful days. We had so much fun, and I really miss you all! It was the best time I have ever had on a coaster trip!


In the next days I will post my pictures, from the 3 day trip!



--Sören "And again, thank you" Schomburg


p.s: Now, I will post my new photo DR, with you guys at the Phantasia Hotel!

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After seeing the "Survival Course" pictures, I am convinced you guys need to apply for the next "Amazing Race"...Elissa looked like she knew what she was doing!!

No she didn't. She was really slow.


At least the person that was behind Elissa was even slower so we weren't laughing at her that much.

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Photo DR: Phantasia Hotel - Dragon Bar


Hey everyone,

here is a new photo DR, but this time with Robb, Elissa, Joey, Dan, my brother, two hot chicks and I! This was Sunday night at the Phantasia Hotel! They have a nice chinese styled Bar, called Dragon Bar!

Dan has taste, his first "diabetic Cocktail", that was so good. He really liked it, because he ordered another one!

Joey drunk a few beer (German Beer), and taste some Cocktails! He told me the beer was really great!

But now, onto the chicks! We (Dan, Joey, Fynn and I) met the (German-) girls in the lift! They were so nice. However, we all sat at the same table, and the show began! Dan and Joey could not get enough.


All in all a great evening for us!




Here the pictures:


And a last photo of Dan, Joey and their chicks! :-)


The chicks!


Outside at the Hotel-Pool! Dan and his chick are looking so cute!


we all together, again!


Elissa and I, drinking good german beer, too! :-)


Robb and Fynn are playing PSP!


Oh, the dream couple at that evening!


Dan and Joey with the chicks! Doesn´t they look great together? :-)


Elissa and I


Robb, likes German beer, too! :-)


Joey´s first German beer in Germany, and I


group picture

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Day Eleven Part One: Phantasialand


Today we visited a park that we still wonder why on the ACE trip in 2002 we went to a catherdral instead of this park, but whatever, I guess for that day ACE stood for "American Cathedral Enthusaists." Oh, well, we're not members anymore and that was just one of many reasons why....


Anyway, the park was really nice! Very well themed and probably one of the nicer themed parks in Europe. That being said, there isn't too much to ride there, and what is there, while good, the park does seem like it's missing a really 'stand out' attraction. Hopefully this new B&M will help that.


We rode just about everything the park had to offer except for the rapids ride, which we are told is VERY good, and a couple of the minor dark rides (we rode the two major ones.)


First up was the Colorado Adventure or the "Michael Jackson Thrill Ride." Not only did this ride get the typical Vekoma jokes, but quite a few obvious Wacko Jacko ones as well!


The mine train was actually quite good. Not as good as the Disneyland Paris mine train, but very good.


After that we did a very strange ride, the Mystery Tower (I think that's what it's called). All we knew about this is that it was an Intamin drop tower completely enclosed. What we didn't know is that it is not your typical Intamin Drop ride, it's a totally different shot/drop combo tower, that actually reminded us more of a really big frog hopper than any other drop ride we can think of. Fun? Yes! Amazing? Not really. I wish it would have been a typical Intamin drop!


Then we did Winjas, which really took us by surprise! This ride was GREAT! What we thought was your typical Maurer Söhne extended spinning mouse was actually a really well themed ride with lots of weird effects. It's got a elevator lift system, a 'tilting track' drop, and a 'broken track' effect where as you come into the brake run, a bit of track you are on drops a couple of feet, then moves back into place to give the feeling that you ride vehicle just broke loose.


And on top of that both layouts of each side, which are completely different, were really fun! Lots of drops, spinning, tunnels and effects. This was certianly our favorite ride in the park.


Then we did the Vekoma monorail, or the coaster in the box that puts you to sleep while seeing holographic birds and listening to new age music. Yeah...it's that weird. It wasn't really THAT bad...but I actually did come off it feeling a bit more tired than when I went in!


We then checked out a couple of the park's dark rides. One that was like "Mexicans of the Carribean" which reminded me a lot of a Pirates type of ride, but in a train instead of a boat, and set in mexico instead of the carribean. But the scenes reminded me a LOT of Pirates.


Then next came a really wacked out dark ride themed to Asia stuff. And I say "asia stuff" because some of it haunted, some of it was serious, some of it was aligators dressed in chinese outfits dancing! :shock: It used an omnimover system that was VERY similar to the haunted manion. And there were even hitchhiking ghosts at the end!


Both dark rides were good, but nothing really spectacular.


Overall, we had a really great day at the park, thanks mostly to all the people who ended up meeting up with us throughout the day. Thanks to everyone as the more people we meet really helps make our trip that much more enjoyable.


We'll certainly be back to this park when they open their B&M inverted. It was a good park, but they really do need something else and hopefully this new coaster will fill that gap. I still don't get why we didn't come here in 2002 when we were only about 15 miles away from this park. Oh well...


Onto some photos!


As you can see our group got bigger by the end of the day. Thanks again to everyone for hanging out with us!


This was the "Mexicans of the Carribean" dark ride. Everything stereotypical you can think of!


Thuur seems to love it!!! =)


It had everything from scary ghosts to dancing aligators! From chinese culture to hitchhiking ghosts! We couldn't figure it out!


Geister Riskcha, the Asian themed dark ride, confused us all.


Warning! Construction Photo!!! Pictures of dirt!!! New B&M here soon!


Lots of filming going on today. We expect to see some great videos for next year's contest!


From this photo it looks like a racing coaster, but both tracks are VERY different from each other. Two credits!!! Yay!!! =)


Winjas was a seriously fun coaster! Some totally unexpected effects on the ride.


Elissa and Fynn ride Winjas together. I think she's going to leave me for him! =)


The Mystery Tower. Phallic? Yes! And it's like a really big frog hopper!


Tom LOVES high speed Michael Jackson Vekoma rides!


The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride..."Elissa, was that you touching me in the tunnels???"


Here was our group first thing in the morning. You'll see that we grew throughout the day!


We stayed on property at Hotel Phantasia. A very nice hotel which reminded me a lot of a Disney resort.

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Ok, I just had to merge Soren's Photo DR into this thread! It was just too damn funny for it to be in the random thread especially with Dan & Joey and the German chicks!


If you haven't seen it, scroll up and take a look! It's great!!!


--Robb "Thanks for trying to hook the boys up, Soren...too bad they didn't score!" Alvey

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Day Eleven Part Two: Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten (or just known as Klotten)


We were told over and over that many people who were meeting up with us thought we would never be able to make it to this park and I'm really happy that we did!


While we didn't get to ride the rapids ride at Phantasialand (line was over an hour and we didn't want to get soaked right before leaving the park) we feel like we really got to do everything we wanted to at Phantasialand, so we didn't mind leaving early to get to Klotten.


The park was just about an hour away, and it's a small park, so even though we only had about 3 hours there, that was plenty of time to do everything multiple times.


Again, this is one of those little European parks that would never be found in America. And we say that in a good way. There are tons of those "self-operated rides." Even more of them than at Bon Bon Land, and some of them even go upside down!!! :shock:


The coaster here is a "Gerstlauer Bobsled" and after we saw video of this crazy thing we just HAD to get out and ride it. We are really glad we did because this was one MESSED up great ride!!!


It uses similar cars as those found on the Gerstlauer wooden trains, but these didn't hurt because the ride is very smooth. It has this crazy helix of death that you just have to see photos of to believe.


And then it has like 5 bunny hills in a row towards the end that each one of them produce 'Balder-like' airtime!!! :o This ride was GREAT!


Upon looking at it, it looks like an overgrown Wild Mouse, but what it reminds me of are the Wild Mice I would create in RCT! Forget the typical layout, give me a bunch of crazy drops, airtime hills, tunnels, etc. That's what this ride is. Quite honestly, it was better than anything we rode at Phantasialand, so I would have been really bummed if we had missed this ride.


Then comes the most strange 'ride of death' ever! The 'jumping boat' thingy. You guys all remember the 'boat jumpers' from our Japan trip last year, right? To refresh your memory, click here:



While this wasn't quite as bizarre, it was up there!


Picture this...it's a self-operated ride where you get into a single-man tiny boat on a track. You push the button and it pulls you up the spike "Boomerang Style" and when you get to the top it releases your boat. You fly down the track REALLY fast, hit a 'jump' in the track, fly about 10 feet into the air and *CRASH* into the water producing a HUGE splash! I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!!!


Download the video clip, and you'll see what I mean! It was insane!!!!


Anyway, we did a number of other things at the park, which you'll see the photos of below...but download the jumping boat thingy! While the coaster was amazing, that was really the highlight of this strange place!!!


Onto some photos!!!


And then SPLASH as you come crashing down into the water. And the most amazing thing...there isn't an operater ANYWHERE around! Europe is so awesome!!! To see this thing in action, download the video below....


Then the boat comes screaming down the drop and hits the "jump" and you go flying in the air!


First the boat gets pulled up "Boomerang Style"


And now...the self-operated 'jumping boat thingy'. Here are the instructions. I love how the rider has to "pull the cord" to start the ride!


They have one of those "AquaZone" rides that you see at Legoland.


The self-operated upside down flat ride. It was kind of like a rock-o-plane, except that you just pushed a button on the panel and it rotated upside down!


Elissa is loving the trampolines all over Europe!


Here we go, getting ready for massive amounts of airtime!


Awww...doesn't Peis and Elissa look cute?


There is "Balder-like" airtime on every hill!


Airtime hills of death!!!


The helix of death on this wacky Gerstlauer coaster.


They had little RatTums' or "Sea Pigs" as they call these in Germany, so this alraedy is an "Elissa Friendly Park!"


Welcome to Klotten!


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Soooo... It seems you liked Klotten! I'm glad to read that!

I also liked Klotten for their idiot self-operated rides. In Schwaben Park (Near München) they have 2 of those wacky boomerang-watercoaster-self-operated rides... Dueling with eachother. Skyline Park (Also near München) even has 6 (!) in a row! :shock:


Phantasialand was great! Temple of the great Vekoma Monorail gave us a nice massage with it vibrations in the station. Can you imagine if 5 trains are running? Then your nuts fall of because of the vibration (Ok, not that bad) :shock:


By the way; Dan, Joey... You'll love the girls in Italy, just like in Germany, they're hairy

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And the best part about El Paso Special is that it turns out to be the legenday "Bench: The Ride!!!!' :o




I am glad you have found Bench "Garden seat": The Ride. I was stunned when I saw the garden seat come out of the dark and around the corner. It was like WTF !!!. I hope you holiday is as good as mine was in the US last week. Now back in the UK.


Nick “I love Bobbajaanland it a great park” Collins

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Its good to hear you have so much fun.

I was considering coming to Phantasialand too today, but at the moment I just can`t afford any Parkvisits as sad as it sounds.


When it comes to Mystery Castle, I don`t quite agree. I really like it a lot, but it depends on some facts:

1. The ride programm: There are actually three different programms. On busy days they use the fast up-down programm, which isn`t as good as the other two.

2. The "monsters": actually there is more theming to the ride than just the castle and the cue rooms. There used to be some frighteners that go along with the story and scare the people waiting in cue. So its part haunted walkthrough and part freefall experience. I haven`t been to Phantasia since 2 years, so I don`t know if they still use the haunts at all.

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1st post! lol. Anyhow, in day 10 you guys did that Survival Course at Toverland, and you said it would never be allowed in America? Well im here to prove you wrong. About 2 years back when I was still in High School, ROTC used to take a 1 week "Boot Camp" up in Lost Valley, Ca. Its about a 2 hour drive in bum frikken no where outside of Corona. Within the camp there is a course just like that but with a zip-line at the end going down a like 80 foot hill. Of course we had to do it Military style i.e cant use harness for support and push ups. It was really fun. Have a good time out there.

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