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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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...and goes up at least once without the aid of a lifthill or an engine...then it's a coaster.


Therefore Dragster wouldn't be a coaster. Somethings wrong about that.


Whats the precise definition of rollercoaster?

We could even argue about this one. Because I Think its a bit too unspecific.

But that discussion is a neverending story and its only relevant for counting and not for having fun on a ride.

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RCDB counts everything as a credit.


If it's totally, or mostly a ride on rails and goes up at least once without the aid of a lifthill or an engine...then it's a coaster.


Guess that means Disk-o, Lucy's Tug boat, and Schwartzkopf Pirate are coasters too.

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Hi there again.

Today the group went to movieworld germany and toverland in the Netherlands.

I live close to Toverland so thats where i meet them again.

They arived in this small park in the afternoon and where pretty suprised about the park. They will tell you all about it.

I made some pictures and some small vids with my photocamera in this few hours.

Some of the group went on the Survival track wich was a real challange for them.

Most people would laugh but its a big thing to walk it to the end.

In place of put my pictures online a made a small vid (WMV) with some pictures etc.

If there is someone who can help me out with my traffic please put the vid online then.

Till my traffic can handle it a leave the vid online.

Its in winrarr format so you must download it (40 Mb)



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It was great meeting you all in Toverland! I really had a lot of fun!

I was glad to hear you appreciate (Stupid word )the park, Booster Bike and the survival course so well!

Next time, you'll also be able to make te survival course in 3 minutes!


See you tomorrow in Phantasialand!

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Do they not have internet access now?, there hasn't been an update recentlly.

I believe the Phantasiahotel, where they're staying now, has WiFi connection available. I believe last few days there wasn't a WiFi connection available (Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought I heard something like this today...)

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Do they not have internet access now?, there hasn't been an update recentlly.

I believe the Phantasiahotel, where they're staying now, has WiFi connection available. I believe last few days there wasn't a WiFi connection available (Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought I heard something like this today...)

That's right. They posted an update on Thursday, yesterday they were in a hotel that didn't have a WiFi connection so they couldn't post an update and it seems hotel Phantasia doesn't have a WiFi connection either, or it's too expensive.


EDIT: @ Turbolaaf: Thanks for the video.


I had a great day. Seeing Elissa and Joey on the Survival course was hilarious.

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Europe Trip Update!!!


Hey everyone! Sorry there was no update yesterday as our hotel did not have internet access. We are at the Hotel Phantasia now, which is VERY nice BTW, much like a Disney resort, and they DO have internet! Yay!


But since it is already very late (we were in the bar with Soren trying to hook Dan and Joey up with some hot chicks) and I have three parks to do updates on, they will be brief.


So here goes:


Day Nine: Heide Park


Heide Park is awesome. I never understood why the ACErs didn't like this park during our visit in 2002. But we love Heide for many of the same reasons we love Epcot. It's beautiful, relaxing, and although only has a few signature attractions, they are ALL great. Well, maybe except for the SLC!


Here are a few notes about our day:


- Heide is probably the best landscaped park in the world. Seriously, this place craps all over Busch Gardens Williamsburg, but for some reason never gets the recognition. I can't even imagine how much it must cost to keep this place looking as awesome as it does.


- Colossos still runs GREAT after 5 seasons. There is a *little* roughness where you can feel the track joints duing some of the ride, but 90% of it is glass smooth. I can't imagine a park wanting any other manufactuerer to build their wooden coaster after seeing the quality of this ride. It's not quite as good as Balder, but by the end of our day, it was producing MASSIVE airtime, and it's smooth as can be.


- We got a credit!!!! Limit, the park's Vekoma SLC was closed during our 2002 visit. We got that credit today! Yay!!!


- Slides of death. This park has the best slides of death collection. They are everywhere. And the ones with rollers on them give you extra extra speed!


- Scream! It was cool to see that one of the park's two observation towers has been convertered into an Intamin Gyro Drop. This one was just as good as PKI.


- Other random stuff - It was cool to meet up with more members of the board including Soren and his brother, Sebastian and his girlfriend. Great meeting up with all of you!


Now onto some photos!


Our group for today at Heide!


Top Spin = "Nut Buster!!!!"


Elissa loved it!!!


Scream used to be one of the park's two observation towers that was converted into an Intamin Gyro Drop.


Elissa does the full 360 in the hamster wheel!


The "Slides of Death." We played in the multiple slide areas a LOT today!


While Colossos isn't quite as good as Balder, it's still one of the top 5 coasters in the world in my opinion.


Colossos was still damn smooth and produces some MASSIVE airtime!


Ahh, Colossos the real reason we were here!


"I'm still a bear, and I've still caught a Dolphin...har, har, har...."


Just what the world needs...more photos of a Vekoma SLC!


Elissa finally got her credit on Limit, and Soren was happy to share the moment with her.


Heide Park - If there was a place that could make a Vekoma Corkscrew look GREAT, it's here!

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Yes, the area around Colossos is the ONLY area of the park that is like that. It does seem as though the area was cleared, perhaps to build that coaster that was rumored, but never built?


The rest of the park is awesome, though.



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Day Ten Part One: Movie Park Germany


Originally we were told that it would not be possible to do these two parks in one day. I'm happy to report that we were not given correct information. Had Movie Park been packed, that might have been the case, but since there were minimal crowds there, with the longest line we waited in was about 15 minutes for the Wild Mouse, it was very easy to do both parks in one day.


Here are some notes about Movie Park:


- Nicer than we were led to believe. The park itself was nice looking, although the ride selection leaves a lot to be desired.


- The Coasters:


- Bandit (Wild Wild West) is one of the roughest coasters I've ever been on. This is a Cyclone clone that is a LOT rougher than Psyclone! :shock: But then when you get the SoB team together (RCCA Ride with Premiere Trains) what do you expect?


- FX or whatever they are calling Eraser now: Typical SLC. Pretty rough one too.


- Cop Car Chase (Lethal Weapon): What a GREAT ride!!! We had no idea! We were preparing for something really terrible, but this ride was really fun! It was very smooth, and most of it is inside the building including the vertical loop. We were told that the ride used to have some great effects, which none of them apparently work now, but still this ride was the best in the park.


- Drop Tower (Acrophobia clone): I forget what this was called, but it's the same as SFOG's Acrophobia, but this one actually turns and tilts like it's supposed to!


Overall, we had a fun day. We met up with a lot of people from www.onride.de and we want to say thanks for showing us around. We feel that Onride.de is a lot like the German version of TPR, you guys like to have fun at parks instead of geeking out too much!


Onto today's photos!


Our group really grew a lot today! It was great meeting all the people from our boards and from onride.de!


Joey "I'm never listening to ANY Europeans again when they say 'you don't get wet' on the water rides!!!"


Bandit - When RCCA builts it and it has Premiere trains, do NOT expect a smooth ride! ;)


Ahh, just what the world needs...more SLC photos! =)


Cop Car Chase (Lethal Weapon) was GREAT! Our favorite ride in the park! Smooth and was really unique.


The park also has an "Acrophobia" style drop tower. Chicks love this...but it's not so 'guy friendly'


The park is nicer than we were expecting, but it is still kind of like a Universal park with a MUCH smaller budget.


Soren and Peis have met a new furry friend.


Oh, please, PLEASE throw away the key!!!!


Rainer and Eric from www.onride.de LOVE Vekoma SLC's! =)


Elissa: "Oh, joy....another SLC"

Soren: "Oh, joy....another SLC that I GET TO RIDE WITH ELISSA!" :D

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WOW...Movie Parks main street is Identitical to Movie World in Oz. You would have thought that they would have made them a little different between the parks.


Nice pictures as allways Robb, look forward to the rest of the trip reports, although I have a quick question. The SLC at movie park, does it have a helix style loop at the end of the ride or straight into the station?


Wayne "Wondering if the SLC's are the same too!" Currie

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Day Ten Part Two: Toverland


Toverland: We had no idea what to make of this place. All we knew is that it was kind of like Camp Snoopy at Mall of America with most of the rides inside, but a few of them outdoors also.


This place was so much fun and for several reasons:


- Booster Bike was actually really cool!

- The Survival Course was INSANE!!!

- Lots of indoor rides.

- Really nice, fun place for families.


Yeah, the Booster Bike was actually a lot of fun! It's kind of like a launched Roller Skater with cool trains. We thought this would be really rough, and it does rattle a bit, but it's not uncomfortable at all. I really think Vekoma should stick to making rides without OTSR's! The launch was just 'fun' not intense, but really fun! It was one of those rides where EVERYONE on the train just seemed to throw their hands up and have a good time. That's a sign of a great ride, IMO!


Then some of us tried out the ultimate in the "never allowed in America" category - The Survival Course! This looked just like something you'd see on either Survivor or Fear Factor. If Universal wants a REAL "Fear Factor Live" attraction, they should really look into this. Basically, you are about 25 feet up in the air, the entire time walking a 'tight rope' around the whole course going though different obstacles. Only your safey rope and a helment keep you from meeting the ground in a not-so-happy fashion. This is NOT for the out of shape (which shocks me that Joey did this!!!)


We really had a good time at Toverland. They had two decent coasters, even though they were of a smaller size, the slides were fun, the survival course was fun and this place is just more proof that you don't need the world's tallest and fastest coaster to have an amazing time with a group of friends.


Onto today's photos!


Once again we had a really great time meeting up with everyone and hanging out today!!!!


(Where is Elissa's hand?!?!)


Elissa has gotten herself into an interesting "position" ;)


Joey: "This was NOT a good idea!!!"


The gap inbetween those is a LOT wider than it looks!


This gives you an idea of how high up you are.


Soren gets ready to go out onto the course.


The survival course takes the "Never in America" award of the trip so far.


Tom and Robb having a gay 'ol time on the Roller Skater.


The ride was fairly smooth, and a lot of fun! It's like a 'launched Roller Skater!"


Dan and Joey assume the position!


The star attraction here is the Vekoma Booster Bike which we all really liked a lot!


Toverland reminds me a lot of Camp Snoopy in Mall of America.

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Hey Robb

Great trip reports, certainly a good thread to be reading from down here.


Interesting to see that you guys rode the water/dark ride at Movie Park. This ride is said to be a clone of Bermuda Triangle down here from my Seaworld Australia video...

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Ahhh, these reports are great. I really like the Survival Course. But just one thing to ponder, if it is indeed a "Survival Course", doesn't that imply that dying is somehow possible? Otherwise it'd just be an obstacle course, no?

Dude, if you see this thing, you'll know that dying is totally possible!!!


Farup's was an obstacle course, this one is certainly survival!!!



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- Bandit (Wild Wild West) is one of the roughest coasters I've ever been on. This is a Cyclone clone that is a LOT rougher than Psyclone! :shock: But then when you get the SoB team together (RCCA Ride with Premiere Trains) what do you expect?

When Bandit (Wild Wild West) opened back in 1999 it had Intamin-trains. Very beautiful but VERY rough. Compared to those, the present Premier-trains are smooth. They changed the trains only because of the roughness.

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