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Britney's Little Sis Jamie Lynn Spears is Preggers


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^^That would be unbelievable. (and the press would love it)


There's no reason to put the Father-To-Be in Jail for statutory rape. Lets face it, jails are already (((Way))) over crowded as it is, and it's not as though the Sex wasn't consensual.


Jails need to be reserved for actual criminals, (burglary, Rapists, Violent Felons, Etc...) Rather than some 18+ year old guy who just happened to have sex with a more-than-willing underage girl. (Plus they've been dating for a couple of years)


Hopefully, the "Nanny" will be a good mother to this newborn, as I'm sure that the new "Mama" spears will no doubt continue to live her life anyway she chooses.


This newborn child will live a privileged life, because Mama Spears has the financial resources available to her.


The problem is, that many of the young girls who watch her popular show, do not have the same resources available to them. So while they may assume that they can handle the responsibility thrust upon them by unexpected pregnancy, chances are they can't.................


One can only hope, that if "You" decide to have sex, that you take whatever precautions are necessary to make sure, that a roll in the hay doesn't lead to a life long commitment........................

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Or somehow tie this whole thing into the series, but keeping it age appropriate. I would like to see how they would pull that off.



They could move Zoey 101 to the N and have Jamie Lynn get an abortion, shave her head, forget to wear underwear when getting out of a car, get a DUI, get pregnant again, lose the kid in a custody battle, before graduating that school of hers and becoming a lesbian.


That would be some good TV.

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I like the fact that her Mom was going to actually have a book released on parenting. Is the publisher serious? Look at her first born who would want advice from her on parenting. Now with this news the parenting book as been scraped for now. The Spears family is about the last people any parent should be getting advice from.

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At least she is keeping the child and owning up to her mistake. But I definitely don't think Nickelodeon should have her as the main character on a teen nick show anymore. I'm sure preteen girls looked up to her and she is no longer a good role model for them. However, this does not come as a surprise from the Spears family. Next she will shave her head and wreck her car.




They have this new movie coming out soon, I think its her leaving the show, besides that crap show has been going on long enough anyways.


And randomly while Im on topic SPONGEBOB should be cancelled its so gay!

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They could have a version of newlyweds if the boyfriend goes to jail, except it will involve him and his new cellmate a 300lb rapist called Bubba.


Have they confirmed what state it happened in? I imagine the state the couple would have been in when it happened would probably have been extreme inebriation.


All I can say is, poor baby, I hope she doesn't get baby sit by Jamie Lynne's big sister, might be a short life.

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