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Schwarzkopf Looping Star for Ireland

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They bought it. It's just under thirty years old, having originally been built for Frezeitpark Kirchhorst in Germany. It most recently operated at Luneur in Italy.


Is it the Twist and Shout from Loudon Castle that was also at Dreamland in Margate for the 2001 season ? I was reading that Parkware who own it have sold it and that Loudon Castle will be getting an Original Looping Star back there.


Speaking of Frezeitpark Kirchorst, i remember in the mid 80s i had a ton of brochures on it, as well as Ponypark/Attractieparc Slaghren, also owned by the Bembom Brothers, back in the days when Dreamland in Margate (my local park) was a great place to go, and not some spooky derelict park like in Scooby Doo with one abandoned rollercoaster and a waste site as it is now.

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It can't be SFAW's looping star, because it got scrapped. Sad, it was a great ride for little kids!


Schwarzkopf Looping Stars are great rides for everyone. The loop is excellent, and the last turn into the brakes is probably the best ending on a coaster I have ever experienced!

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I love Scharzkopf! Mindbender is still in my top steel coasters and I don't think it will ever leave.


Hell yes. Mind Bender is probably the best coaster at SFoG with its highly forceful loops, lap bar restraints, amazing drops in the back seat, and ejector air in the front seat. Arrow never made anything 1/10th as good.

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Great, a year after I went to Funderland, they add a Looping Star. Ah well, its great to see that Funderland has gotten hold of a great Schwarzkopf.

By the way, does anyone know if this is going to replace the Speed Loop? I actually kind of liked the ride, it wasn't rough/uncomfortable at all anf has some nice forces.

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I just rode shockwave yesterday in funderland!I rode it on the front and the back.It feels so much faster from the back!


It's really weird though cause the train is like from a mine train ride. It has a train as the first car!


And yes no OTSR only a lapbar.The loop is good no over the top g's and the last turn before the break run is good.


Oh its €4.50 a ride by the way.

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