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PTR Cypress Gardens 12/11/07

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Last time we were at Cypress Gardens in 2004, we only had an hour or two to spend there. This time we planned to spend half the day there before catching our flight home. It turns out that even that wasn't enough as we would've liked to stay longer to ride Starliner some more and to see their Christmas lights at night.


The sad thing is that there weren't very many people at the park at all. Almost all of the rides that we went on were just myself, Rich, and our friend Scott riding. The employees were very friendly and unlike other FL parks, gladly encouraged rerides. We were able to ride Starliner 26 times with most of them being in the front row since no one was ever waiting. We had ridden Starliner when it was at Miracle Strip in Panama City. We enjoyed it then, but it's running even better now. The only thing missing is the tunnel.


It was a great half day at the park and we look forward to returning in the near future.



Is anyone here???




Triple Hurricane:


Since it was Scott's first visit to Cypress, he needed to get the "awesome" Fiesta Express credit:


Flyers and Galaxy Spin Crazy Mouse:


One of the parks original rides--the Sunshine Sky Adventure which is one of only 3 in the world:


The Gardens:

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Yup, they were actually all working for part of the time at least. They eventually closed off the back row, but we had already ridden before that. Plus, I think it was fixed by the time we returned later in the day.

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The coasters were running well. The only exceptions were Swamp Thing which never runs well(we wouldn't have even bothered with it if Scott didn't need the credit) and Galaxy Spin which turned out to be the roughest spinning Crazy Mouse we've been on.

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Just like it was when I was there in March. I did hear that on concert days, it is packed. If it is like this all the time, it won't be long until it goes bankrupt again.


Keep in mind that she visited on a weekday in mid December. No park is going to be crowded at all. It's even the lowest season for Disney parks.

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We went to Cypress Gardens on the middle Sunday of our annual Florida jaunt in September. Not sure what to expect as we hadn't been before. Totally enjoyed it. It is what I imagine a trip to a park would have been like in the fifties, family friendly fun, and a wonderful contrast to the cash cow that is Orlando. Nice to finish with a dip in the pool. Really liked the woodies and echo the sentiments above regarding re-rides.

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