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Busy Day Calendar: Efteling

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I was checking out the Efteling website and looking at their opening days and times for Winter Efteling, their extended winter hours. I came across a neat little calendar on the Dutch part of the site (wasn't on the English site) that showed their busy days.


My Translation:

"Busy Days Calendar

Based on experience, Efteling can accurately predict whether a day will be quiet, "cozily busy", or very crowded. This calendar is merely a guideline."


This is cool. I know that enthusiasts and unofficial park guides share this kind of info. Is it typical or rare on official park sites?




Yellow is quiet, Blue is moderately busy, and Pink is Busy. Not sure about the goats.

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Gezellige bedrijvigheid. Hhahaha. Thats cute.

I know that American parks really only have suggestions - like come during the weekdays to avoid the heavy urban crowds (like Six Flags Great Adventure, they get city guests on weekends, local guests during the week, usually). But I have yet to come across a park website that includes a color coded calendar to indicate the amount of guests the park will receive that day.

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I only read this kind of information on the Efteling site. Never seen such a calendar on any other site. Sometimes some parks have tips on when to go to the park or how to go through the park on busy days at the FAQ. Maybe the Efteling should also put this information in English.


The goats, LOL, are a part of a fairy tale.

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Fairy tale or not, the goats appear to be very busy.


Now tell me if this is a decent translation:


Sprookjesachtig of niet, blijken de geiten hele druk.






It's quite a decent translation. We dutch would understand it. You're learning fast! I would translate it this way:


"Een sprookje of niet, het lijkt alsof de geiten het heel erg druk hebben"


I must say it's hard to translate...

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