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Photo TR: My Front Yard


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Well, that time of year again to run up the energy bill and light up the street with an overdose of lights. This time around, we ventured into some custom work such as the wood cut outs (drawn freehand, hand painted and cut) and our giant candy cane posts. (PVC Pipe and red super wide electrical tape). It came out nice in my opinion as I'm also still learning exposures on my camera to get that picture 'just right.' Well, I'm having difficulty typing as my hands are cold, so here's the pictures. Enjoy! BTW, We blew about 4 fuses to get this right.


And lastly, a deer chilling on the bush. Thanks for viewing, comments appreciated as Christmas lights are a form of art to me.


Our candycane post thingamajig


Side House


Overview of our house, taken from the top of our friend's car


Another view, with inflatable ornaments in the tree (in which 4 flew off due to heavy winds last night. Those in Bay Area know how bad these winds were)


Light post at our driveway with a "Let It Snow" sign hanging over. Makes a nice entry.


Wood Gingerbread train, all hand made.

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Love that train! Great job!


The multi-color versus white lights discussion is a hot topic of debate in the "letters to the editor" section of my local paper each December. It's kind of a moot point, really. My co-worker and I were just discussing today how everyone around here seems to use blue lights. Because, you know, that just screams "Christmas."


My dad decided not to put up lights this year (and I never do, apartment living and whatnot), but in past years he's tried to incorporate some sort of "theme"--which none of the rest of us really ever understood. Basically all the bushes got colored lights. Then white icicle lights hung from the porch. Then rows of evenly spaced blue lights covered the ground under the bushes.


The white lights, he said, were supposed to represent snow. The blue lights were water. Why the multi-colored bushes were floating on the blue light "water" is anyone's guess. But somehow it made sense to him.

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