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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

P. 157: Kangaroo returning for the 2022 season!

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Great photos! Very glad I got to ride it in its final season. I enjoyed it, but I must have been too young to remember the pain


Also, I too wish they would take out Garfield. The Old Mill was much more enjoyable.

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I was able to ride the old Phantom in its very last season. To me, the inversions weren't all that bad (I was 8 when I rode it though). It was that %#&@-ing turn at the bottom of the second drop! The only way I could survive it was to plaster my head against the headrest as hard as humanly possible. It's still by far one of the roughest coasters I've ridden to date.


Also, if we're commenting on dark rides at Kennywood, I want to see a Noah's Ark refurb. I've been watching that ride waste away for the past few years, and it makes me sad to see it so decrepit. Half of the effects don't even work anymore, the figurines on the inside badly need to be repainted, and the Kennywood Bathosphere has been closed off for a few years now. It's sad that the last major refurb was successfully maintained for nearly 30 years, but our current Ark is showing its age at 17. Grumpy teenager, I guess?

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Good for these park workers. Not enough to retire on after splitting, but will make a nice holiday for them.


Kennywood workers win $1 million Powerball


Eight Kennywood carpenters won a $1 million Powerball.


According to our partners at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the amusement park employees bought the ticket at Al’s Market in Braddock this month.


The carpenters will split a jackpot of about $750,000 after the 25 percent federal withholding tax is taken out.


Al’s Market also sold a $1 million ticket in September.



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It may be indoor, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still very cold... and we all know what that means for coasters. The Exterminator building isn't heated, and it would probably be very difficult to do so (at least without a huge investment). And yes, it's in Lost Kennywood which is not open for Holiday Lights.


Technically we do have a coaster open... Lil' Phantom (which adults are allowed to ride by the way).

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