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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

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We don't see a lot of non-launched, steel coasters have these sort of extended issues these days. It makes me wonder if it isn't somehow the foundation or the ground under footers not being strong enough.

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there was a pretty-credible looking post on reddit late last summer from someone who claimed to know the issues and they essentially boiled down to issues with the structural supports/ excessive stress on certain segments of the ride.  Essentially the ride was engineered very close to the margins for cost savings (not unsafe), but that resulted in tons of maintenance and ongoing structural strain, especially since it's possible the forces on the serpent roll (for example) were slightly higher than anticipated.   Apparently one "temporary" fix was S&S recommending only one train operation.  the current plan is to extensively replace and shore up certain supports of the ride.

Looking at the structure and the $9M price tag for a coaster that size, it doesn't surprise me, if true.  

Sometimes, you do get what you pay for.



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They will fix it up this year and it will be running good for many years after.  SC is such an awesome coaster and very unique. It was still an expansive coaster and it's a good thing they are addressing the issues.

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