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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

P. 157: Kangaroo returning for the 2022 season!

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So I guess I was kinda right...(still sorry about that...😬)...there really are big changes coming to Kennywood next year!

Park's website page with more info: https://www.kennywood.com/content/knw/en/discover-the-park/plan-your-visit/experiences/what-s-new.html









(Photos courtesy of Reddit, because that was the easiest place to get them)

Looks like they are really committed to rejuvenating the park, and honoring the park's history! Seems like a step in the right direction to me!

They say that more will be announced in the coming months, so looks like the 125th at Kennywood is gonna be a big one!

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Great footage! Such a great ride. Stoked for the new purple paint (because the world needs more purple coasters) and can't wait to ride this again!

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The park is looking fantastic this year.  Looking forward to seeing feedback from TPR members who make it to the park this season!

Things are looking UP for 2023 as well…😜

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Went to the park last week.  Unfortunately, too fat for Steel curtain.  Couldn't get a green light on the test seats.  Are the seats tighter than most or am I really that fat lol.

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