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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

P. 157: Kangaroo returning for the 2022 season!

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^ I've visited during limited hours early in the season and had the water rides, some flats, and several food stands closed. Since they no longer have a flume, I know the last part doesn't bother you anymore.


The good thing is that I've never seen them close a coaster. Just keep in mind Kennywood will move their closing time (sometimes with little notice) and they close queues early.


Also you should pray it's packed so they run the sky ride from the top parking lot to the main entrance.


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Question: If we plan to stop by on Labor Day weekend, how much of a concern should this “Limited operations” thing be? Is it best to avoid it?


as long as "Garfield's Nightmare" is running, you'll get the full Kennywood "WTF" experience.


we loved it - we didn't understand it (and oh, that smell in there). . but we loved it.

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I went during limited operations last year, and it was mainly that they didn't do the VIP unlimited, and the lines were stupid long and slow for everything. Some of the food locations were closed too, including the biergarten. No beer man at all that day. Still got to ride everything except Exterminator and Sky Rocket, which were closed for other reasons, but man it was a rough experience.


I get that you're probably going then because of work schedules, so don't let that stop you. You'll have a good time (but maybe pack a case of Yuengling in case the beer man is MIA).

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I believe there are two track pieces remaining. I just received word from someone at the park that they are working today, despite some rainy weather! I'm guessing vertical construction should be complete either today or tomorrow.

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Steel Curtain - June 17th

I can't wait to go to the park and see this, I can't believe its almost July and I haven't gone yet. For living only 30 minutes away and getting a discount through my work I have no reason not to.

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