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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

P. 150: Kangaroo, Paratrooper, Bayern Kurve and Volcano being retired

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oh look. . I got a survey from Kennywood asking me what type of "events" I'd prefer they do to get me coming to the park most often. luckily, there's a space on the last page to give some feedbac

This has been standard operating procedure for years. It's not like if they recover costs they'll stop doing every possible thing to run their parks as poorly as possible and remove as many rides / be

Bayern Kurve is indeed my favorite flat ride... so naturally was disturbed about Kennywood's actions. It has come full circle since I "lost" my Kurves at Cedar Point, Kings Island, Geauga Lake, Canada

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I see two sites reporting that several recently-installed pieces of track have since been removed from the top of Steel Curtain's big Drachen Fire dive/drop. I'm not sure if the sites are TPR-friendly to include the links, but they're easy enough to find.


Without a set opening date beyond the broad span of "this summer," my fingers stay crossed that the coaster is pulled off without trouble and is a great experience. Alterations and tweaks happen with new coasters, but no one wants a reason to doubt or be reminded of Gale Force's wearisome issues. Hopefully construction continues confidently. In S&S We Trust!

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Yes I saw that as well. It seemed pretty confirmed. It happens, I get it. That said, an opening by June 9 seems highly unlikely (elsewhere someone seemed to think the park was now aiming for July, at earliest) so I am giving up my KW plans. Which is fine, I can go next year esp after hearing reviews. OR if itll be open late season (the site seems to indicate not all rides are open at later dates) I may just make a trip up there for it

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Look like they put back the track for the first drop back on. Wonder what was going on with that section.


I heard on the rumor mill that there was a fitment issue with the original piece and they had Intermountain Lift fabricate a new one so they were held up until that piece came back.

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^Seems like a common problem with S&S lately. At least between this and Gale Force. Curious if Maxx Force at SFGAm will have any similar issues.

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S&S used a different track fabricator for Gale Force. After that fiasco, they switched to Intermountain. For as complex as the structure is on Curtain, one piece that's off is pretty good. I remember hearing how Arrow would never manufacturer the final piece until everything was completed to make sure it would fit.

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