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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

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Yeah... I was contemplating heading out that way at the end of September for Phantom Fright Nights and for the kiddo to hit the 52" height rides they have, but honestly, we might as well just wait at this point until next season when Steel Curtain opens. No point in going if the two "new" coasters for him are going to be closed. Guess we'll have to figure out something else to hit up on Friday night before heading out towards Kings Island on Saturday.

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New POV animation with a lot more refinement! There should be some serious headchoppers throughout the structure. The banana roll looks more like a banana roll now, too. I like this POV better than the previous one with generic Schwarzkopf NL2 track. I don't think there will be that much water underneath the ride, but it's a nice animation overall.


I gotta say, I thought this was a weird gamble of a ride, but the trains unveiled today and this new POV give me a lot of confidence.


Update: S&S has posted two more videos to its YouTube page...



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I mean... major kudos on lapbars only... but holy f*ck those are the ugliest damn trains ever.

Yeah man...I guess they're going all in on the football thing, but I rolled my eyes at those football shaped seats....


But hey that POV animation looks great, and when I get back to Pennsylvania I'm gonna want to ride this anyway.

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I wasn't so sure when I first saw the initial press release, but it sure is looking like a very unique ride, and if some of the hills (and maybe some of the inversions?) give good air, it might be a surprise sleeper hit (for me).


I also am LOVING the apparent renaissance of lap-bar only restraints for coasters with inversions: the riding experience is so much better. Schwarzkopf had that figured out, but then we went through the Dark Years of Arrow and B&M horse collars. It's so great see RMC, S&S, and even the retrofits on things like Mr. Freeze using lap bars!


(I remember Dave Althoff from back in the rec.rollercoaster pre-internet days (1992-ish?) obsessing about proving how lap bars are safer during stalled inversions than over-the-shoulder restraints....)

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Just a friendly reminder to out friends whose home park is SFGAm: You are getting the strongest launch in North America. I wouldn't complain if I were you.


Also yay lapbars! Also I don't think the train is as ugly as some people say, I think it looks fine.

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^ The shin guards I find the worst are the ones on the Premier Sky Rocket II's. All other shin guards I've seen (including these ones from the photo) contour around the shin. On the Sky Rocket II's, it's that foam pad that is jammed against your leg.

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