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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

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it's a new kiddy coaster that'll put all other kiddy coasters to shame





those aren't footers in the lake! they are oxygenators!

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My prediction:

Mack, 220', 75 MPH, $24M, 3 inversions, 4000'

DC Rivals was $22M US, 210', 73 MPH, 4400+' . That was a hyper but Mack has an interest in large inversions.

It would be a chance to get right KW's previous attempt to make a large coaster with inversions.


More guesses: Vekoma would seem a better fit for a budget. KW does already have a hyper, maybe the world's first and last 197' tall coaster duration 2:20?... If they weren't laying footers close together I might still have to trot out Raptor 220' with a barrel roll at 197' and 50 supports.

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Just a reminder in advance of today's announcement... Please let the announcement post come from a moderator of the forum. Rather than having a bunch of people post different portions of the news separately, we like to compile the information in one official post.

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I'm really intrigued to see what this is. Usually a (presumably) large coaster would have already had more details leaked out, but this has been kept under wraps really well. I could see this going several different ways.

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I'm hoping for the first RMC full T-Rex track or whatever it's called, the larger version of the single rail. From the reviews of RailBlazer and Wonder Woman a bigger, taller, longer version of that with a higher capacity might end up being on of the best rides coasters in the world.

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Does anyone know if they will be livestreaming the event? If so, what platforms?


The official live stream is right here: MODERATOR EDIT - This is NOT the official live stream. Please do not post links to other websites' live streams claiming they are the official stream when they are not.

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The park itself will be streaming live on Facebook. The fan site linked to above ^ should be in attendance and also plans on streaming it, but the park's Facebook account looks to be the official source.

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Just a reminder in advance of today's announcement... Please let the announcement post come from a moderator of the forum. Rather than having a bunch of people post different portions of the news separately, we like to compile the information in one official post.


Yeah, no problem leaving that to you guys, cause your announcement posts are awesome and polished with tons of info in one spot!! Incidentally, I hope I did not step on any toes here when I posted about this announcement a couple days ago! I do apologize if that was out of line or if you were already planning on a more official post about today's announcement. I was so excited I hadn't thought that they might have sent info to TPR directly!


I am so freaking excited about this announcement!! So much mystery, so much kept under wraps......and now we're just 10 minutes from finding everything out!! I have a gut feeling that (regardless of what this coaster is) this will be HUGE for Kennywood.....as in, an investment unlike any other in park history (cost-wise anyway).


As for a final prediction?? Might be a long shot.....might be me dreaming.....but what the heck, I'm going with the world's first RMC T-Rex!!!

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Project 412 Revealed: Kennywood and Pittsburgh Steelers’ Record- Breaking Collaboration


Kennywood Park will open a fan-centric Steelers-themed area in 2019, highlighted by a high thrill steel coaster


WEST MIFFLIN, PA – In Southwestern Pennsylvania, Kennywood Day is as eagerly anticipated as a Steelers game, while Pittsburgh’s gridiron greats regularly send their fans on emotional roller coasters. Now these two iconic brands will come together for a collaboration that’s unprecedented in both the sports and amusement worlds. Kennywood will welcome the Steelers franchise to the family by bringing the game day experience that is a staple to countless fans in Pittsburgh and beyond to life in the park.


Coming to Kennywood in 2019, Steelers Country is an immersive land that celebrates the hard-hitting heroics of the players, but with a unique twist. The park experience turns its attention to the fans, putting them at the center of the action. Exclusive merchandise, skill games and food locations--including a themed tailgating experience--continue the feeling of being at the stadium. The new Steelers Country will be anchored by the record-breaking roller coaster, Steel Curtain.

“Being the first park to collaborate with a professional sports franchise on not only a themed area, but also a pulse-pounding, high-flying roller coaster is a great honor that fits in with Kennywood’s longstanding tradition of innovation,” said Kennywood General Manager Jerome Gibas. “For that franchise to be our hometown Steelers, the most successful team in America’s most popular sport, it’s a sure touchdown!”


Throughout Steelers Country, fans will join in on familiar game moments: bursting through the area’s entry tunnel, seeing how they measure up in practice drills, perfecting their touchdown dances, and checking scores and highlights on Steelers Country’s giant video screen. With Steelers Country, Kennywood and the Pittsburgh Steelers are honoring the greatness of the past, and looking towards the future of the park, the team, the fans, and the city of Pittsburgh.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Kennywood,” said Steelers Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ryan Huzjak. “Being able to connect the Pittsburgh Steelers with a family attraction like Kennywood is a natural fit for both organizations, and we are thrilled about the tradition and longstanding history the Steelers and Kennywood provide to families in and around the city of Pittsburgh.


The towering Steel Curtain roller coaster will rule Kennywood’s skyline. With a record-breaking 9 inversions, 197 foot-tall loop, and 220-foot maximum height, Steel Curtain is an adrenaline rush like no other, speeding across 4,000 feet of track at 75 miles per hour. Designed by S&S Worldwide, Steel Curtain will break a Pennsylvania record (tallest roller coaster), a North American record (most inversions), and a world record (tallest inversion). The colossal steel structure of the coaster will serve as a landmark addition to the park and a high-energy entry point welcoming guests to Steelers Country.




The new Steelers Country section of Kennywood will take up 3 acres of land with a plaza, water features and the End Zone cafe.







Get the full @steelers experience with games including the 40 yard dash, where you can compare your progress and performance against player times.






If you were wondering, the #SteelCurtain will have an opening kickoff from the @steelers





We’ve officially broken ground on #Project412, the #SteelCurtain!



















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on the other hand I feel like I have to hate it because it's a Pittsburgh Steelers ride.

See, this is why I'm glad I"m not a "sports person." I'll be happy to ride it not even quite knowing what sport the Pittsburgh Steelers play!

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