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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

P. 157: Kangaroo returning for the 2022 season!

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^Are all of those rides on the VIP package?


$25 for one ride on each of the coasters: Sky Rocket, Exterminator, Jack Rabbit, Racer, Thunderbolt, and Phantom.




$15 for one ride on each of the three big thrill flats: Black Widow, Aero 360, & Swingshot




$80 for unlimited rides on all coasters + thrill rides mentioned above (you have to supposedly wait 15 minutes before re-riding something -- I've never tried this package)




$7 for a single line skip on Sky Rocket, Black Widow, or Thunderbolt


Unless the park has nightmarish crowds, you should be fine without the passes and get to do everything comfortably...I'm not sure about major picnic dates or special events when you attend, so there's always the off chance that the park will be crowded. If you notice long lines for basic flat rides as soon as you start walking around, that's a sign that the VIP stuff might be a good idea.

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The $80 package is where we're living. It will give us more time to enjoy the midways and go at our own relaxing pace.


Yeah, if you're not coming back to the park for a while and don't mind paying a little extra, that's definitely the way to do things most comfortably. It also gives you plenty of time to check out some of the wacky and obscure rides that you might otherwise miss (Turtle, Kangaroo, Whip, Bayern Curve, dark rides, etc.).

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Sky Rocket has been down for repair for several weeks. So that is one less line you'll be waiting in. Also know that getting there early will ensure that there is ample free parking available and a chance to get in line for some rides before it gets too busy.

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Instead of driving all day this Saturday after next and going to the park that following Sunday, we're going to change things up. We plan on leaving mid afternoon on Friday and staying in Indianapolis. We'll leave somewhat early on Saturday so we can spend an afternoon in Pittsburgh. We might take a tram ride to an area overlooking the city. What other tourism spots are there? We're not interested in anything art related. That seems to be a common suggestion. It's not our thing.

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if we had an extra day, we were totally gonna do this, and I'd recommend it:





they are associated with the Smithsonians, and have not only a ton of neat stuff on display (look under "Exhibits" tab on the link). .but there's also a Sports museum there, mainly focused on the Steelers, of course, but supposed to be very good.

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Kennywood surprised us all again with another clue! This time it's the number "50." I've never seen a teaser campaign as fast as Kennywood, but I'm not complaining!!!

50 moments of airtime

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Just my guesses, because why not.


220 feet tall

197 foot drop

75 mph

3 inversions

4000 feet long

120 second ride time

9 airtime moments

50-degree lift?

24 passengers per train


I suppose the 197 and 220 could be switched because depending on lift speed, angle of descent, and trains, both can hit a top speed of 75 mph.


This sounds an awful lot like a Mack Hyper, such as Flash or DC Rivals. Could be an Intamin or even Gerstlauer too.

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I'll take 4000 feet all day! Phantom's Revenge is still better than most hyper coasters that have 5K+ feet of track, but I'd love for the park to have a slightly longer coaster in its lineup.

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Whatever this ends up being, it’s going to be good. The numbers they have teased, the early announcement date, and the fact that the US has had a few years that have disappointed compared to what we became used to from the late 90s through the mid 20000s... this has to be pretty solid.


Is there an announcement time set for tomorrow?

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Reviewing these clues, I'm leaning towards 9 being the number fo inversions. The most inversions on a US coaster is currently 8, so that'd be a great marketing point for the park.


Whatever this ends up being sure looks like great news for Kenmywood. My guess for fun is:


197 ft tall

220 ft drop

75 mph

9 inversions

50 degree max angle of descent

3 trains

24 riders per train

120 second ride

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OK, so it's a word search puzzle -- not a full reveal. To be fair, the language used at the end of the scratch-off didn't suggest a whole announcement, but something along the lines of "What happens next? Find out tomorrow."


Within the anticipation last night, the park's social pages also attracted a few impatient and rude adults who deserve to get smacked with a word search today, so while I think it's a bummer that we're not getting a July 4 full announcement, a part of me is chuckling at the "enthusiasts" who'll get totally bent out of shape.


You also get a chance to be a first rider if you play along:


"Project 412: Phase 2 is here!


Inside this word search you'll find all sorts of word clues relevant to our newest ride. Your mission: find them and determine out which feature matches the 9 figures from the Ride Scratcher Card.


Then, make your predictions at kennywood.com/project412entry - the first 12 correct entries win the right to be among the first riders next year! You can enter once per day until July 16.


No purchase required. U.S. residents 18+ (13+ with parent or guardian). Contest ends 7/16/18."



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From reading the rules this ride will have 12 rows of 2 seats per row.


Also I’m leaning toward a MACK hyper because of the similar stats. TREX is in the word search though.

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Okay everyone, I'm sure I'm not the only at the moment doing research on other coasters to help us nail down these stats, but I found a coaster that might give us a push forward:


Flash at Lewa Adventure Park! Take a look at this coaster stats:


Length 4,176.5 ft - 4000 >Kennywood????

Height 200.2 ft - 220 >Kennywood????

Drop 190.3 ft - 197 >Kennywood???

Speed 71.5 mph - 75 >Kennywood???

Inversions 2 - 3 >Kennywood???

Duration 2:08 - 220 >Kennywood???


I know it might be by a long shot . . . but . . . you never know.

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