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virgin to roller coaster pc games???

top thrill

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hi guys im tom i live near leeds in north england in the uk! i am 16 and love theme parks! i have recently joined this forum and love it!!


i am a virgin oi oi TO ROLLER COASTER PC GAMES and i need your advise on which one is best to buy!!!


im looking forward to hearing from you all


thanxs, tom!!

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As said above, No Limits is among the top games out there. Occasionally there will be updates, such as one that added woodies. The editor is fairly powerful, and is like a CAD program.


RCT and RCT2 are fun. I downloaded the RCT3 demo, but wasn't too impressed (had too much of a cartoon feel, and the interface wasn't as good as RCT2). You might find either in a bargain bin at the local software store.

Be sure to look for trainers, and the famous Drexler Patch.

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for you i would reccomend rct2


I like RCT3 alot, but it does have some problems, and took a bit to get to run on my system


Also, RCT2 should run with no problems on almost any computer, while RCT3, needs a pretty kick ass system to run good



no limits is a coaster building game, and not really a theme park game, but it is very good for what it is

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Do most of your PCs lack the power to run RCT3? I enjoyed the heck out of it. Granted I liked RCT2 more, but to say it isn't worth buying, wow that is just blasphimy! my suggestion is RCT2 or 3 if you don't want to get really technical in rollercoaster design.

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RCT3 is a resource hog of the highest order, I have a decent computer, an AMD athlon XP1800, with 512mb ram, and since I built it myself, I ended up getting a Nvidia geforce 2 card, not the best, but I've got an Xbox, don't need a great PC card.


We had no problem running RCT1 and RCT2, and I could play any game I wanted, I ended up getting GTA Vice City for the PC and it ran fine on my system




RCT3 did not, I had errors and problems from the start, finally when I did get it to run, to me to actually be able to play the game, I had to turn all the grafix options all the way down


I finally had enough, and broke down and bought a new ATI card, it is much better than my old card, and now the game is playable, although still if a park get big at all, things slow down alot


Overall, RCT3 is a great game, with some problems, including some serious bugs that should have been resolved before the game was released


RCT2 is more stable, and a very fun game, and you don't have to go spend $200 to get the game to run correctly



No Limits is a coaster design game, cool, but not the same as thr RCT series. You can also come up with some kick ass rides in RCT as well, here's my favorite I've come up with so far


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