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Walt Disney Studio's Tower Of Terror preview!

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Today was the first day of preview for annual passes owner.


I haven't tested any of the other towers so I can't compare but this was really great. For those of you who have already rode the Californian version this is the exact same copy so I think it must feel the same. This is a really great addition to the park in which there was an obvious lack of rides and thrills.


Since you guys already know what it is no need to do a long speech, photos are more meaningful...


I hope you like the pics!
































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Nice... Seems there has been a lot of upgrade at Walt Disney Studio. It has been about 3 years since I have been there.


I agreed with Simba about the lighting in the bolier room. Just a tad bit will do the job and not so carny like. This is a tower of terror! Not a carnival!


After viewing Shiki Tutu or whatever its name from Japan Tower of Terror, I think it would be kinda cool to twist the story at WDS as well... Just for a change... since they change the color of the building so it won't hurt... because it is just an upgrade.


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Very nice pictures!


Although TOT Paris is virtually an exact clone of the DCA TOT, I think the architecture of the tower suits the rest of the park very nicely. It would look weird if we had another TDS tower in this park because it would look completely out of place. The theming inside seems a bit cartoonish though compared to Florida's version or TDS's version. Is the California version also like this? I haven't been to this park in ages and my last visit wasn't exactly fun due to the lack of attractions. Nevertheless, with the addition of Toon Studios and Tower of Terror, this park might actually be worth visiting now!

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English please?

Well, I was hoping they'd possibly alternate between French and English narrations, but maybe they will when it officially opens, since a lot of the other rides at DLRP are geared to both French and English speaking patrons.

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Great pictures thanks for posting. After comparing this new attraction to the one at DisneySea the difference is amazing, almost embarrassing for Disney.


I find it interesting why they would spend so much money on the Tower in Japan and then pull this crap in Paris and CA. I mean the return on investment would seem to be comparatively the same or somewhat close. This is like comparing a Porsche to a Yugo.


Japan has raised the bar and I view this latest Tower as "barely getting by" for Disney.

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The numbers are matched up with seats on the inside of the car. They use this to speed up the boarding process and fill up as many spots as possible.


It looks like a they did a nice job with it and didn't cut any corners. My only complaint is that I can't understand a thing that they're saying

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I went ahead and uploaded the photos to the TPR server so that I can put your update on the front page!


I hope this is ok.




No problems, thanks for the front page!


Hey, would it be possible to link us to a wallpaper-sized version of the hallway/ghost shot?? I'd love to use that on this computer. 1152x864 maybe so anyone below that could resize it? Or whatever you can do.


There you go:



If anyone wants another photo in higher resolution just ask


English please?

Well, I was hoping they'd possibly alternate between French and English narrations, but maybe they will when it officially opens, since a lot of the other rides at DLRP are geared to both French and English speaking patrons.


Yes the castmembers can choose between French and English but I don't know how they will choose once it's open, maybe they will make two different queues ?


Wow great update

Simba your photos are amazing (what camera are you using??)


Thanks for sharing


Thanks! I use a Canon Rebel XTi or 400 D in europe. I only used the stock lens (EF-S 18-55mm) which is kinda crappy but it will soon be replaced by a much better one. I'd like to buy an Ultra Wide Angle zoom as well , maybe the Sigma 10-20 DC, so that I can take much better photos of the boiler room. But you know, those things are expensive

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You're gonna hate me for posting, but







This has made my day!



Me and my college are goin there at the end of January (27-31st if anyone wants to meet up) for our IT course. The person arranging it told us that ToT would not be up as they had recieved an email from them. I didn't believe them, so I emailed and got the same answer.



OMFG! I hope it's as good as the good tower! I usually hate freefall rides, but I'm willing to ride this!





I didn't even look at the pictures lol. I just saw this and had to post :\



EDIT: Damn, just read it's not the good tower . Is the bad tower as bad as it's made out to be?


Ah well, it doesn't matter. It's another ride I can go on and another memory I can "cherish"

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Hmm, tis very much California's version...


Not that that's a bad thing anyways, still an enjoyable ride regardless of the no forward motion and infamous exit hallway...


Better sort out that trip for after college then... Specially with Crush there now as well...


Crush was great, and I'm glad their Tower doesn't have a weak/lame drop sequence like the Tokyo Sea's version.

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Is the bad tower as bad as it's made out to be?


Disney California Adventure's tower is far from being bad, it just is missing a few things that WDW's has. WDW has the "5th dimension" part where the elevator travels forward down a corridor. Due to reliability issues, that has never been duplicated on another Tower, even the high budget Tokyo DisneySea version. WDW's also has a better drop sequence, with more drops.


So, hopefully Paris' Tower is at least as good as DCA's. We're not yet sure if the drop sequence is the same.

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