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TPR members who enjoy shooting - Let's talk about guns.

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Did a search and couldn't find anything, so I figured I'd start a conversation.


Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy firing a gun from time to time. I have owned a few, but mainly it's always been a handgun.


My personal preference is all things Glock (call me a fanboy, go ahead), though I do enjoy a good Smith and Wesson .357 revolver.


Currently, I own a Glock 23, .40 Semi-Automatic pistol. I used to have a 17 (9mm) but I'm much more of a fan of the .40 for its massive "boom" power.


So, anyone else like to shoot or own any guns you care to share?


Here's what mine looks like:


For those who don't know Glocks, yes - that is a "plastic" handle. It's actually steel reinforced polymer, and it weighs next to nothing.

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What is the point of owning a gun?


Fair enough question, though I don't really "get" the point of the rolling eyes.


Because I like to go shooting. It's a hobby of mine. If we're going down that road, what is the real point in liking roller coasters, or doing anything that you enjoy, right?


I spend an hour or so at the range on a Saturday morning with my dad or some friends, and it's enjoyable.


It's not like I'm going around trying to kill people, but I guess if I ever absolutely *had* to defend myself, I would know how. (I know it'll never happen, but it's better to know what you're doing than not, right?)

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Well, considering I searched for the terms "guns", "shooting" and "firing", and nothing came up, I figured I was in the clear.


This also isn't a "favorites" thread, but whatever.


I understand. I've backed out of starting threads just because I found simillar ones doing a search.




I maybe in the military, but I don't own a gun. When I was in Afghanistan, I got to liking the M9 Beretta I carried around, so I might actually get a hand gun in the future.

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Actually I like the M16A1. It has good range and can take a beating!


M16A4 is a lot better from the stand point of all the neat gadgets you can now attach to the rifle. Although, I do miss the AUTO setting--BURST is just too short to have any fun.



As for actually taking a beating? Well, AK-47 is much more durable and reliable than the cheaply made M16, especially in desert/dry environments. It does not, however, have the same range and accuracy. (Yes, I have fired an AK-47 once. Still prefer the M16.)

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I don't own any guns, but a buddy of mine who is a member of the Ojai Valley Gun Club (here in California) takes me out to a public event there called the "Seven Gun Shoot." You get to shoot your choice of seven different weapons among eight, and the highest score gets to pick a nice prize at the end of the event (during the barbeque).


Target shooting can be fun. There's nothing wrong with that. I personally have no desire to hunt animals, though I don't feel it's wrong provided you eat what you shoot and make use of the hide if at all possible.



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Interesting topic! I've always been fascinated by the one shot western Derringers (sp?). Might own one some day as a display piece.


I'm an archer (by way of martial arts) and enjoy doing that on the weekends. While not the same as a firearm, there is something satisfying about targeting with family or friends and catching up. One friend and I used to regularly go to the local gun and knife show twice a year.


Have wanted to train more in firearms, just so I know how to use one properly (and safely) and further expand the martial arts teaching. Don't really care about collecting guns, becomeing a "minute man" or preparing for doom as the common stereotypes would suggest. Not really in to hunting either, but, like a gun owner, I enjoy shooting targets. That's inanimate targets, NOT people or things, for the literal and ignorant.


Anyway, can relate friend.

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