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I've lost hope for the TX Giant project knowing that the company behind the spine-buster known as the GL Villain is involved with it!


This Company had nothing to do with the roughness of Villian they just constucted the ride. The Roughness would be the fault of CCI and the G-Trains.

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I've lost hope for the TX Giant project knowing that the company behind the spine-buster known as the GL Villain is involved with it!


You can look at it that way or you can look at it like this: They have built two of the GREAT Intamin plug n plays, maybe they took their experience with those rides and are incorporating them into the giant refurb.. When looked at ii like that, I think there are great things in store for the Giant!!!

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The Retro VCR is open again and this time it is playing the "Red Devil". This tinker toy coaster is just a slight step above a back yard coaster. It is now known as the "Clifhanger". This video was shot in 1990, my first and last trip to Ghost Town in the Sky, which now is literally a Ghost Town in the Sky. Honk if you love Aly & AJ!



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While I have the Retro VCR out I thought I would post this series called "Wild Rides" starring the super sexy Matt Dillion. Here it is in 6 parts...Coasters include Florida Huricane, Mindbender, Texas Cyclone, Colossus, Great American Scream Machine and more.


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Picture this...France, late 1980's. A group of business men get together and come up with concepts for a future amusement facility. They brainstorm and come up with a concept based on LAND, EARTH, WATER, SPACE.........and SMURFS! "It's brilliant, and we'll call it "Big Bang SMURF"


Yes, before Freestyle Music Park was dubbed worst name for a theme park there was a little park in France known as "BIG BANG SMURF" At one point in time those little blue dwarfs were relevant enough to justify an entire theme park.


Since it's opening it has gone through several identities and it know goes by the name of Walygator Parc. There is no more signs of the blue guys but the Anaconda still remains...and that is not necessarily a good thing.


Shane's Amusement Attic takes you back now to the original promotional material that introduced the world to "Big Bang Smurf"


Land, Water, Space & Smurfs



the lay of the land



The original lands where tied together with the European Celebration. Today it is nothing more than a cheap swap meet with rock t-shirts and tacky novelties.


















my ticket from my first visit to the park


the Anaconda thanks CGA's Grizzly every day. If it weren't for the Grizzly, Anaconda surely would be rated the WORST COASTER IN THE WORLD











the park was later bought up by the Walibi group.













park map



Will "the Monster" save this park?....stay tuned to find out

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the Anaconda thanks CGA's Grizzly every day. If it weren't for the Grizzly, Anaconda surely would be rated the WORST COASTER IN THE WORLD


In my humble opinion, it is.


At least the theming of "Big Bang Smurf" explains some of the seemingly random stuff at Walygator.

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Actually, I believe the Monstre they're talking about would be Anaconda.


Actually the Monster we are talking about is the new inverted coaster that is being installed at the park this year. It is call 'The Monster" and is being moved from the closed Expoland in Japan...but thanks for playing.

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What year was the early 80's Darien Lake map from?


I've been trying to compile a list of when the early rides originally opened. Most online sources are VERY wrong.


Here's what I have so far...


1980 (or maybe earlier): Lasso & Haymaker


1980: Enterprise (I'm pretty sure on this one)


1980 or 1981 maybe?: Bumper Cars


1981: Thunder Rapids, Corn Popper, Sleighride, UFO, Cinema 2000


1981, 1982 or 1983???: Pirate


1982: Viper, Ranger


1983: Sea Storm, Crazy Quilt, Tin Lizzies, Giant Wheel


1984???: Thrillbilly & HydroForce



I found a few old pictures from the park (1980 & 1982) when looking through some family pictures. I'm going to post them to my blog page in the morning when I'm more awake at http://john-anthony.blogspot.com/

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Six Flags Magic Mountain's Shock Wave


Time for a double dose of Magic Mountain's Shock Wave. Here are two clips that showcase the ride when it first opened. Of course we all know the story of this ride. It started it's happy life on the site of the Sarajevo Bobsled site. It then moved to Six Flags Great Adventure, kept the name but got a new blue and white paint job. It then went to live out it's remaining years at AstroWorld, where it got some extensive themeing and was given the name "Batman: the escape" It's life was cut short with the idiotic closure of the Houston park. Things looked good for it when it was carefully taken apart and shipped off to Six Flags Darien Lake. It now sits in rusted pieces at Darien Lake...to be continued??? Or to be scrapped????





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Good ol' Shock Wave. That was a fun ride, and my first standup coaster. One funny moment was how on our first ride, my then girlfriend/now wife's seat popped up a notch when we took the little dip out of the station. That forced her to ride on her tip toes.



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Thank you Shane! Those clips are the best* YouTube also FINALLY has the commercial online. They have both the SFMM and SFGAdv versions too.

Thouroughly geeked about this.. SUNGLASSES, lol




SFMM (Short Version)



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Shockwave was my favorite coaster when it was there. It was my first stand-up coaster too. I was really disappointed when it was removed which is the main reason I rode Vortex at CGA about 15 times in one visit when my parents and I went there on vacation in 1991. I was still disappointed that Shockwave was gone and was having stand-up coaster withdrawals which didn't go away until Riddler's Revenge opened.

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^I'm told every time the Cowabunga Bay bucket dumps, an Angel gets it's wings!


I love this thread, but it makes me realize how much I have missed growing up in Northern California and not have a family that liked theme parks.

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White Water Landing


Here is another lost treasure released from the Retro VCR. Enjoy this look at the Arrow flume ride that once lived in the spot of Maverick. White Water Landing didn't enjoy a very long life but as I remember it was one of Arrow's better flumes.


I am also guessing that they pulled the water straight from the lake and did not treat it. I don't think that would go over to well with today's strict water quality standards.



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