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That was cool to see the Vancouver Expo video footage. I was able to go to that but was way too afraid to ride coasters back then. I finally was able to earn that missed credit with my visit to St Louis last summer. Unfortunately, the ride was quite horrible.

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Today we are going way back...back to a time when Leeza Gibbons ruled the 7:00 time slot, the biggest Coaster in the world was the American Eagle and before Kirk Cameron loved Jesus.


In this clip from Entertainment Tonight we take a visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain to ride their new ride sensation...the stand-up coaster, "Shock Wave"


God I miss the 90's



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Isn't it sad to think about that once great coaster, Shockwave at SFMM, now just laying inert at Darien Lake? Hopefully, it's still there...


Also, I can see where Chance got the idea for their Trabant/Wipeout at 5:59-6:01.


Thanks for sharing, Shane. However, the video lacked because it didn't mention anything of AstroWorld.

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Near the end- a neat look at Disaster Transport when it was not enclosed (why does it still close in the rain?!)-


Also I have always LOVED the pictures and films about those trolleys at Coney Island that traveled on the same track and moved over each other to pass.


At about 1:30 into the video- I thought that only smaller parks like DL and GL (RIP) used the straight-line conveyor belt loading systems for rapids rides- I thought that the turn-table was the standard for larger parks (and I thought that was the standard for the first several of those rides).

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Thanks for sharing that video, Shane. The mid- to late-'80s was a great time at SFMM, especially when Colossus raced those big PTC trains with one facing backwards all year long! Shock Wave was a lot of fun, too.


It was funny watching those people waterskiing on that lake---what is now Hurricane Harbor. Good times!



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SFMM's Roaring Rapids uses a conveyor belt loading/unloading system. I think also the one at BGT uses a straight belt system (can't remember). Most if not all of the rides with smaller six-, eight-, or nine-passenger rafts use a turntable, correct? That's what I've observed here in California.



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Thanks Shane for posting!


I loved Shock Wave!! Unfortunately there is very little (if any) video of it anywhere on the internet. The black trains on the black track were awesome. At the time, the four abreast trains & massive rectangular spined track were bold & very striking to look at. The roar that coaster made as it traveled the track was awesome. Great video.


Do you happen to have any of the "86-91" era commercials in your vault? I found your "Psyclone" posts online but can't find any earlier rides, especially Shock Wave.

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Thanks Shane.


The intro and title graphics along with the hair really let you know when this package was produced. Thanks for digging that up! I love seeing those rides from the perspective of the time period when they opened. It was also great to hear them talking about The American Eagle being the tallest coaster. I was alive then, but still it's weird to think that my home park's American Eagle was the tallest coaster, when I ride it every summer without thinking twice about it.



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^ I'm pretty sure at the end of the footage the year 1986 was listed, which would be right if Shockwave had just opened, so in that case you'd be right.


But anyway, I love stuff like this. Not only is it funny to laugh at what the hosts are wearing and what their hair looks like, it's also great to get a perspective of what people thought about the big, new rides of the day. It makes me wonder how we'll think of such notable rides as Balder or Bizarro 20 years from now.


And the early Coney Island stuff is fantastic footage too, especially with those people falling into the water at the end of one of the water rides. Think of the legal consequences if that were to happen today!


This was a great find and thanks for posting it!



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Thanks for clearing up the date of this video. I kind of went off the top of my head.


As far as the rapids conveyor loading system, I believe the first ride to incorporate the turn table system was Roaring Rapids at Six Flags Great America. At the time the ride also had a different name, something like "White Water Rapids" or White Water Canyon".

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Oh man -- I swear, I have this exact same episode of ET on video tape stashed somewhere in a box for the same reason you have it - coasters at Magic Mountain. This was definitely the mid-80s at its best.


Funny that the American Eagle at Great America (my home park) was still the tallest when this aired. The Eagle opened in '81 and its hard to believe it held the title of tallest coaster for so many years - especially given the recent decade of coaster wars where holding any kind of title (height, speed, etc.) for more than one year was a feat.


Thanks for digging this one up and posting. It really brought back some memories.

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Here is more of my IAAPA installments. This time, Gravity Group. This is all the postcards and company information I picked up from the show.


Although I have ridden most of GCI's coasters, I have only ridden one Gravity Group creation, the Fireball in China. It was quite a ride and hopefully I will get to more sometime this year.

















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