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I just noticed this...but what is up with those turtles down at the bottom of the page on the left???


Yeah, very goofy and kinda neat... but they don't seem to be linked to any kind of advertisment or anything.... ??? I fed them a nice meal earlier today.

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Jumping back to Opryland for a bit...Did anyone in the Nashville area see the PBS documentary that was recently done on Opryland??? What did you think? Pretty good stuff I thought. I will try to bring it to my thread soon for those of you that missed it.


PS - gonna take a break tomorrow from posting as I am off to WCB. Be back on Monday



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Six Flags Magic Mountain


I am going to go a little bit out of alphabetical order and bring you Six Flags Magic Mountain before Six Flags Great Adventure, just because I am still on a Magic Mountain high from West Coast Bash.


Magic Mountain is really seeing a resurgence as of lately and I love that the management is bringin the Magic back to the Mountain. And who knew that the management team had such comedic talent. I think they need a show on Bravo. "The Real Housewives of Magic Mountain"


Well here is Magic Mountain the theme park that provides a "Happy Ending"


This was also my favorite Magic Mountain logo


Hooray for "Happy Endings" I looked all over yesterday for the Happy Ending booth, I think it might have been somewhere up by Ninja




This is really a GREAT brochure. One of my all time favorites for any park


Of course the standard Intamin boat ride addition for 1980. They must have bought these rides in bulk.



You can tell that when Six Flags took over the park they were really trying to bring a family element to the park.


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I love the fact that on the back of both brochures, it say "gas information." Because they are from 1980, it was during/just after the gas shortages. Nice of them to give you a number to call. I love the old brochures Shane, keep them coming!!!

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Six Flags over Georgia


New in 1980 for the land of screams and dreams is Jolly Roger Island, a new pirate themed section of the park that features the Flying Dutchman, an Intamin swinging ship (imagine that, a whole land built around a swinging ship). The Mind Bender was also upgraded to feature Typhoon Lagoon, whatever that was????





oh the Great Gasp. So beautiful with all those cool lights on it





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I wish I had that brochure, that would have been the 1978 brochure. I remember seeing it and it had a large picture of the Revolution. I think you are thinking of the 1979 brochure, it is very similar to this one.


You can check it out here:Six Flags over Georgia 1979


And check back later today for a 1976 BONUS look at Six Flags over Georgia

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Six Flags over Georgia - 1976


Lets do some time travel, LOST style. We are going to go from 1980 back to 1976 when Six Flags over Georgia premiered the first new version of the classic Parachute Tower, "The Great Gasp" Built by Intamin this thrill ride, as they refered to it back in those days, was the first of 4 version built in the states.


The lighting package was dynamic and a beautiful icon for the park both day and night. Unfortunately with the advances in technology more thrilling rides became available and the expense of maintaining and upgrading this ride finally did it in and Goliath was built in its place.


Only one of these Parachute Towers still exists, originally built at Six Flags over Mid-America, it now is at Six Flags Great Adventure.








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Six Flags over Georgia - 1976

Only one of these Parachute Towers still exists, originally built at Six Flags over Mid-America, it now is at Six Flags Great Adventure.


I think SFOT still has their Texas Chute Out.


oh duh, I totally forgot about that one. Thanks

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Six Flags over Mid-America 1980


We are time travelling back to 1980 to continue our look at the brochures from that year. But don't be surprised if we time travel again tomorrow back to an earlier look at Six Flags over Mid-America.


Hey look what's new in 1980...a Buccaneer...big surprise






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BONUS - Six Flags over Mid-America 1977 & 1978


Here are two bonus posts I have for Six Flags over Mid-America including the year that the Intamin Parachute Tower, "Sky Chuter" was built.





1978...Things were jumping this year




Happy Shows..... What, no Happy Trees???


Happy Rides...


The Highland Fling enterprise was added this year



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